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Top 20 Best Movies On Aha you must watch

Aha, is a pay-per-view and over-the-top streaming platform in India that only features Tollywood productions. People who don’t know, Tollywood industry is the one which produces Telugu movies. The streaming site has a limited amount of films in its collection, despite the financial support. The little selection of movies, however, is respectable considering that they are introducing both classics and releases with audio dubbing in addition to the original content. On Aha, you can watch a list of popular Telugu movies online for free. So, to help you unwind this weekend, here are some of the Best Movies on AHA which you can watch with your family and enjoy.

List of top 20 Best movies on Aha –

1. Krack

IMDb Rating: 7/10
Starcast: Ravi Teja, Shruti Haasan

Release date: 9 January 2021

Genre:  Action, Crime, Thriller

About Movie:

They have no idea that they will wind up in jail when three infamous criminals engage in combat with an irate police officer named Potharaju Shankar.

2. Ardha Shathabdham

IMDb Rating: 4.2
Starcast: Karthik Rathnam, Naveen Chandra

Release date: 11 June 2021

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance

About Movie:

In the midst of rural India, a man’s love disrupts the tranquility of a community as their disparate backgrounds ignite communal unrest and violence.

3. Metro Kathalu

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10
Starcast: Gayatri Bhargavi, Rajeev Kanakala

Release date: 14 August 2020

Genre: Drama

About Movie:

The lives of 8 people revolve around Hyderabad, a place unlike any other. As their fates intertwine, they must make decisions that will change their lives. They’re resolved to soar above the situation, though, and create space for life and a bit more.

4. Anukoni Athidhi

Best Movies on AHA

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
Starcast: Fahadh Faasil, Sai Pallavi

Release date: 12 April 2019

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

About Movie:

An isolated psychiatric hospital in Kerala is visited by psychiatrist Dr. Nair. He encounters Nithya, a patient who is held in isolation, and quickly learns secrets about her background.

5. Colour Photo

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10
Starcast: Suhas, Chandini Chowdary

Release date: 23 October 2020

Genre: Drama

About Movie:

Engineering students Jayakrishna & Deepthi come from quite different backgrounds. But events bring the two of them together and cause them to fall in love.

6. Play Back

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10
Starcast: Dinesh Tej, Ananya Nagalla

Release date: 5 March 2021

Genre: Crime, Fantasy, Romance

About Movie:

Sujatha was born in 1993, whereas investigative crime reporter Karthik was born in 2019. Karthik is aware of her problems and makes an effort to alter her future by altering the events in her past.

7. Super Over

IMDb Rating: 7/10
Starcast: Ajay, Naveen Chandra

Release date: 22 January 2021

Genre: Drama, Thriller

About Movie:

When betting on cricket, Kaasi & his friends are lucky, but they soon find themselves in danger. The chase that follows takes unexpected detours and twists and comes to an unanticipated conclusion.

8. The American Dream

IMDb Rating: 5.9/10
Starcast: Prince Cecil, Neha Sharma

Release date: 14 January 2022

Genre: Drama, Thriller

About Movie:

Rahul, a neighbouring middle-class boy who is dissatisfied with his way of life, chooses to move to the US to follow his aspirations. Rahul suffers a lot with the realities of challenges and part-time work, which contrasts with the idyllic US life that individuals often imagine.

9. Y

IMDb Rating: 5.5/10
Starcast: Raghu Babu, Akshay Chandra

Release date: 24 June 2022

Genre: Thriller

About Movie:

An wannabe writer approaches a director looking for a script with a crime drama that will forever alter their life.

10. Orey Bujjigaa

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10
Starcast: Raj Tarun, Malavika Nair

Release date: 2 October 2020

Genre: Drama

About Movie:

In order to prevent getting married, Bujji and Krishnaveni flee on the same day, leading their community to assume that they’ve eloped. Without being aware of each other’s circumstances, the two quickly fall in love.

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