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10 Best Natural Home Remedies for Cold and Flu

At some point, almost all of us gets a cold. Although a cold is usually not dangerous, it can leave a person feeling miserable. Symptoms of a cold may include a sore throat, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing and body aches. There are various home remedies which can help alleviate cold symptoms. Below are some top natural home remedies for cold and flu, so does not have chances of side effects.

1. Warm Fluids –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Drink as many warms fluids (soups, herbal teas etc.,) as you like. Drinking plenty of fluids can help prevent dehydration and may thin mucus. Warm Water is a good choice when it comes to staying well hydrated. Consumption of tea and other hot drinks with lemon and honey added to it helps in curing congestion and sore throat. Hot soup, especially spicy soups, may promote nasal drainage and may help open up nasal passages.

2. Probiotics –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Probiotics help balance the friendly bacteria. When we get infected with any virus, we need a strong immune system to fight with it. 70% of our immune system resides in the gut. Probiotics fill our gut with healthy and friendly bacteria and in turn improve our overall immune system to counter colds. You may either take a high-quality probiotic supplement or any probiotic yogurt.

3. Vitamin C –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Vitamin C plays an important role in your body and has many health benefits. Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, leafy greens etc., are a good source of vitamin C. Adding fresh lemon juice to hot tea with honey may reduce phlegm when you’re sick. Drinking hot or cold lemonade may also help.

Are you habitual of tea? Here is why you should replace regular tea with green tea.

These foods will help you to get the Vitamin C your immune system needs. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps lessen oxidative stress in the body and is thought to lower cancer risk.

4. Honey –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Honey is considered to have excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Warm water with honey and lemon can ease a sore throat and can be an effective cough suppressant. Honey also improves the overall immune health and provide the boost of energy. Apart from this honey has other benefits as well. It can improve the metabolism and may aid in weight loss. It is also a powerful antioxidant and reduces the damage caused by free radicals.
Warning: You should never give honey to a child younger than 1-year-old.

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5. Humidifier –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Cold/Flu Viruses can easily spread in dry conditions. You can use a humidifier to improve the indoor humidity levels which may reduce your exposure to this flu-causing virus. Increased humidity may also reduce nasal congestion, making it easier for you to breathe. Adding a cool mist humidifier to your bedroom may help you feel more comfortable. You may also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to reduce nasal inflammation for better breathing.

Please remember to change water and clean humidifiers regularly to stop mold and other fungi from growing. You can get cool mist humidifiers in online stores.

6. Steam –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Inhaling steam may help open up nasal passages. Steam also help thin mucus and promote better breathing. You can either use steamer in your bedroom or you can put a pot of water on the stove at low flame, cover your head with the towel and inhale the steam. You may also try adding eucalyptus oil to water which will make it more effective.

7. Saline nasal spray or drops –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Saline nasal drops or sprays can help promote mucus drainage and clear the nasal cavity. You can also try using a neti pot to clear your nasal cavity, it may remove all possible allergens from your nose and will open the blocked nose. There is a device known as Neti Pot which is used in cleansing and refreshing the nasal passage. In case of nasal congestion, usage of a neti pot can help you get rid of it and breathe in an easy manner!

you can use a rubber bulb suction to remove mucus after using saline nasal drops in very young children who can not blow their nose.

8. Ginger –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

There are many health benefits of ginger. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant anti-inflammatory food which can control your cold symptoms. You should boil a few slices of raw ginger root in water and drink the warm water. This may help soothe a cough or a sore throat. You can also drink ginger tea to get all the benefits.

9. Garlic –

Natural Home Remedies for Cold

Garlic is known to have antimicrobial properties. Adding raw garlic to your diet might reduce the severity of cold symptoms. Garlic also boosts your immune system to fight common diseases like cold and cough. Garlic is said to improve the flow of mucus through the sinus and thus offering decongestant benefits.

10. Saltwater –

The process of gargling was always a great idea for preventing infections in the upper respiratory organs. It also reduces the amount of severe cold that you have caught. For example, it may reduce sore throat pain and nasal congestion. Gargling with salt water reduces and loosens mucus, which may contain bacteria and allergens. Just dissolve 1 spoonful salt in one glass lukewarm water, gargle with it and spit out.

Best Natural Home Remedies for Cold

With these Indian home remedies, you can cure flu fast without medicine. Which cold natural home remedies has worked best for you, let us know in the comment section.

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