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Bull Run Smash Slot (Octoplay) Review

Bull Run Smash is a slot game available exclusively on Wall Street Memes Casino. Starring a bull due to market-related jargon, Bull Run Smash offers various winning channels as you watch the star of the show crashing different prizes, multipliers, and jackpot opportunities.

In this article, not only will we review the game on WSM casino (how to play Bull Run Smash), but we will also inspect the specifics of this game, such as RTP, volatility, and stake limits.

Bull Run Smash Overview

Developed by Octoplay and launched on 6 December 2023, Bull Run Smash has become a favorite among casino players who register in Wall Street Memes Casino. The game represents the victory of non-traditional financial markets over traditional ones, which is closely related to the foundations of Wall Street Memes.

The game introduces players to the star of the show, an bull in a suit riding an expensive roofless car driving through the city. This bull and its driving capabilities will be responsible for multiplying the players’ initial stakes, which can go from $0.10 to $1,000. The background displays buildings and billboards, and a cheering crowd encourages our friend to crash into whatever comes into sight.

The video slot has a medium hit rate and low volatility features. Its theoretical RTP is quite high when compared to other similar games, getting up to 95.8%. Before starting, players need to input the stake. Once done, the bull will start the engine and start crashing different prizes that will multiply this stake. Prizes go from 0.50x to 25x. However, cash prizes can also appear. A coin in front of the bull activates these prizes upon being hit by the car. 

Bull Run Smash Information

The Bull Run Smash Slot has decent graphics when compared to other animated slots. One of the greatest features of this casino game is that it introduces the bull character as the main logo for Wall Street Casino Memes, the project behind WSM Casino. Its mocking attitude towards whatever comes in its way reflects the motto behind the foundations of the project.

As regards its payout, we can say that its decent RTP of 95.8% perfectly combines with the variety of alternatives players have in order to make a win. While some multipliers may decrease the original stake, most of them clearly boost account funds, making it quite profitable for players who are looking to make money while also having fun. This way, the lowest multiplier is 0.50x, and a 1.00x alternative keeps things even. From then on, players can multiply their stake by 2.00x and up to 25.00x.

Bull Run Smash Slot Features

There are multiple ways to win while playing Bull Run Smash. Here, we’ll cover the different alternatives. While the most common way to win is through cash prizes, there are other ways in which players can turn their original stake into a nice sum of money:

  • Prizes: Prizes range from 0.50x up to 25.00x. If the bull hits any of them with its car, you’ll get that amount of money.
  • Diamonds: If the coin turns into a diamond and the bull hits it, all Cash Prize sectors are activated.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers can also appear on the screen. Whenever the bull hits them, players can get a x2, x3, or x5 applied to the Cash Prizes.
  • Jackpot: Jackpot rounds come with a total bet increase of +$0.20 per round. Jackpot rounds consist of different balls that need to land in the same prize sector to make it effective.

Bull Run Smash Conclusion

Bull Run Smash is an interesting alternative for those seeking a different casino game. Developed by a renowned brand such as Octoplay, this game has brought quite an amusement for WSM Casino players as it is exclusive to this gambling platform. We believe it to have a respectable RTP, and its low volatility is quite helpful when it comes to deciding whether to play it.

If you’re looking for an interesting and fun way to make money online but grew tired of classic slot games, Bull Run Smash is a nice opportunity to try something fresh and new in the online gambling realm. 

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