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10 wholesome ways to earn money online in India

The Internet is a Goldmine of valuable resources and it has become a god for humans nowadays. The world has digitalized. One can work sitting at the luxury of their home. Advancement in the internet world has broadened various opportunities paving the ways to earn money online.

Below are some of the safest and best ways to make online money in India. These zero investment online jobs will help open the gates for money to pour in. Here are 10 wholesome ways to earn money online which you must try in 2019.


YouTube channel is one of the most powerful social networking sites. A unique or unusual talent has the scope of getting viral overnight. If you have singing, dancing, comical or exceptional skills then YouTube can shower you with lots of money. You can upload a Makeup tutorial, life hacks, career advice and many more. Lots of ways are open to experimenting. The popularity of your video will help you get money through it.

earn money online

Refer and Earn:

An Android phone is possessed by almost every individual. Certain apps have cash back treat if you refer it to your friends. Use the code or redeem the points and send the link to any close contacts or friends. Cash back is transferred in our wallets.

earn money online

Endorse for brands:

If you love clicking pictures and want to be a part of a brand then you should surely try your hand at being a Brand Ambassador. You will be excited to know that you can earn by promoting your favourite brand. There are regular series of shout-outs for young people to be a face for a popular or upcoming brand. The selected girl or boy has to wear the outfit or endorse their products on their social media handle. The number of fans and followers help you to earn money.

earn money online

Participate in online contests:

As Social media platform is growing every day. A lot of new developments are encountered. Regularly there are poem writing, short story writing, Quiz, surveys and games contests. If you win you can get vouchers, exciting prizes and winning amount in exchange.

earn money online

Online Internships:

Internships are another fruitful way to earn inefficiently. This is because along with earning money you also gain knowledge and exposure. Companies require Freelance, part-time or work from home interns for writing Contents, Graphic designing, SEO and SMM executives and Subtitle writers. A decent amount of stipend can be earned sitting at home and the internships can range from 1 to 6 months.

earn money online

Sell Online:

Earlier selling was only limited to OLX which helped you to get rid of old unused stuff with money in return. But what if I tell that you can sell your songs.? Yes, you heard it right! You can sell your songs and lyrics online. Few apps offer you money for your self made and uncopied work, provided it should be a fresh composition.

earn money online


If you have a passion for writing and can modify it cleverly into different genres of writing then Freelance writing is the correct choice. There is a huge requirement for writers for writing contents, articles, blogs, fashion write-up, mental health writing and copywriting. A writer is paid either per word or per article. Apart from this Copy-pasting and Email writing can also help you earn some money.

earn money online

Online Teaching :

If you love to teach with strong knowledge of subjects, then teaching online is a perfect choice. Academic institutions hire teachers to teach children online and clear their doubts. The pay is on an hourly basis. There are two ways to teach. Either make a tutorial and upload or teach live. But for this detailed and precise knowledge about the subject is required.

earn money online

Sell Photographs: 

Capturing moments is also an art. Giving life to a non-living object through a picture is a visual treat to the eyes. Why not make your hobby a side profession? You can sell your Photographs under your name to magazines, newspapers or companies. The only thing you have to do is put on your photography skills to work and snap some beautiful shots. Submit your shot on the given topic and get money.

earn money online

Online Store: 

Beauty consultants and Fashion designers can put up an online store to showcase their designs thereby earning money. A sound knowledge of latest trends mixed with artistic talent can help gain more popularity among the clients.

earn money online

Do you have any other tips on How to earn money online without investment? Let us know in the comments section!

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