Best hollywood movies 2018 Entertainment 

20 Best Hollywood Movies of 2018 You can’t afford to Miss

Films are arguably the best art form which can bring out the best in a person. And great films generate a deep connection between moviegoers and the story. Its a trending factor for the movie-goers to know the best of the year’s list. Here are the Top 20 best Hollywood films of 2018 which you can’t afford to miss. Check out where your favorite starts and ping your favorites. 20. Cold War (2018)   IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 Director: Paweł Pawlikowski Zimna wojna (original title) is a passionate love story set against…

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Best hindi web series 2018 Entertainment 

10 Best Hindi Web Series Of 2018 which you must watch

The ability of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon to show-cast web series that creatively, stigmas about web-based media. Audience reception of short form of digital content is changing. No longer are web series associated only with low-budget or on-off pastime projects. Digital streaming platforms like YouTube and TVF have turned the Internet into a home for original and progressive storytelling.  Driven by the changing perception, this year we saw lots of web series coming into showings. Here are the best Hindi web series of 2018 that prove the future…

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Best South Indian comedy movies Entertainment Movies 

15 best South Indian Comedy Movies dubbed in Hindi

What are the ingredients you need to make blockbuster South Indian movies? Answer- Comedy, Action, Drama, and your films are ready to be served to the audiences. South Indian moves have come a long way in the history of cinema, competing with Bollywood and managing to entertain people. South Indian movies are not only preferred in South but Bollywood has been adapting to its variety as well. Actors like Allu Arjun, Joseph Vijay, and Ram Charan not only make us swoon but make us laugh so hard that we suffer…

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THINGS TO DO ON THE INTERNET Entertainment Trending 

10 awesome things TO DO ON THE INTERNET when you’re bored

We can’t imagine our lives without the internet now. Today we can almost find everything on the internet and can some perform so many activities like shopping, paying bills without leaving home. It can be used for social networking, watching videos, reading news etc.  If you are feeling bored and want to do something cool on the internet, you have come to the right place. Here is the list of 10 awesome websites to visit when you’re bored.  You will kick off your boredom and acquire some new skills. 1. Learn…

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Bollywood movies Entertainment Movies 

Tired of Senseless Bollywood Movies? Watch These Now!

We all have heard people saying that they don’t watch senseless Bollywood movies because there are many Hollywood movies that make more sense. But little do they know that there are many Bollywood movies which, even after having an excellent storyline, do not gain as much attention and appreciation as they deserve.  These movies are more realistic and usually portray characters that are very relatable.  These movies usually are based on a simple thought or a message. They address some of the most important issues and ask questions which are…

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Best bollywood films 2018 Entertainment Movies 

Top 10 Bollywood movies of 2018 | Best Bollywood Films 2018

Bollywood has given us many blockbuster hits like Sholay, Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and Bahubali. These movies have entertained us immensely and till now we like to snuggle in our blankets with a bowl of popcorn and re-live those moments with our family. As we welcome 2019 with joy and happiness, Bollywood bids 2018 goodbye with an open heart because 2018 has been a marvelous year for both box office and Bollywood celebrities. Below is a list of some of the most liked Bollywood movies…

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Music Entertainment 

8 Ways Music can help you make healthier and Happier

Music is a creative human artwork which conveys emotions of sadness, happiness, heartbreak, and romance. Music can help a person in expressing the feelings indirectly through songs when verbal communication cannot take place. Music is everywhere around us from the chirping of birds, honking of vehicles, dropping of utensils, the sound of rains to the ringing of phones. There is no barrier of languages when it comes to enjoying a song and irrespective of any dialect, the sole function of music is to entertain, relax and unite people. Let us…

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Entertainment Movies 

List of top 15 Highest Paid Bollywood Stars in 2018

Bollywood- The industry of glamour, stardom, and the industry of dreams and hope. Now Bollywood is not just a small industry, it has expanded overseas as well. It is gaining popularity in Hollywood too. With stars getting the attention in foreign, their demand is immense. The huge fan following isn’t the only thing the stars enjoy but the high paychecks are one of the perks of Bollywood as well. Here is the list of top 15 highest paid Bollywood stars in 2018. 15. Saif Ali Khan Saif Ali Khan got…

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Entertainment Movies 

14 Most Expensive Indian Films of All Time | Highest Budget Indian Movies

Post 2010, There has been a surge in the High budget films in the Indian film industry.  The last decade witnessed many expensive Indian films. While some of the high budget films became commercially successful, many films including Thugs Of Hindostan were declared flop. Here is the list of 14 most expensive Indian films of all time. 1. 2.0 (2018) – 543 Crores Written and directed by noted director S. Shankar, 2.0 is an upcoming science fiction film. The film is set to release in theatres worldwide on 29th Nov…

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Entertainment History 

18 Banned TV Commercials And Print Ads That Stirred A Lot of Controversies In India

The advertising industry in India has evolved a lot in the past two decades.  Ad agencies used creative approaches to create something unique and attractive to sell the products. However, some commercials did not go well with the Indian authorities.  Do you want to know more about banned commercials in India? Though these commercials were banned, most of them are available on YouTube to watch. 1.  Amul Macho TV Commercial (2007) “Ye To Bada Toing Hai” television commercial by Amul is one of the most controversial ads in Indian television history. The commercial…

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