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Changing Times In Music Production

With the onset of technology, times have significantly changed. There has been the development of new tools that enable one to produce a sound without necessarily having the required skills. With simple YouTube tutorials, everyone can learn the basics of music production freely at the comfort of their home. Developers have created applications and software for production compatible with almost every technological device, including smartphones.

History of Music Production

Music Production

Previously, music production and marketing were done through record labels. Indeed, there was no software like serum skins to aid in music production. Successful artists and producers would gang up and open a record label meant to assist artists. The artists were to be investment tools of the record labels, in the hope they would become lucrative superstars selling the brand of the record label. The management would therefore produce, advertise records, get artists on radio and also plan their live performance. 

Without a record a label, it was steep for a budding artist to stand. The relationship between artist and label was developed out of necessity; thus, the record label would damp the artist anytime. For decades, this has remained the system available to customers until technology took over. The truth is some artists are still under record labels, but then with some level of freedom and independence.

Technology Take Over

Music Production

Technology has not entirely taken over music production since many things have remained the same. Some artists still record in traditional studios using live instruments and backup singers.  However, in all these audio and sound engineers are still needed to set up and harmonize the sound. The current technology removes music from the hands of a record label to the control of the artist.

It has become easy for artistes to produce and create their music by using serum skins features. Therefore, they can cut on the cost of production at the same time, giving the music the taste they want. The standards of music have changed, therefore the need for independent producers who are not under a record label. There is no need for creating live stages for the musician to perform.

Benefits of Modern Technology

As a musician, you can now connect with your audience directly using social media platforms without having to meet them on live stages. You are also able to have control over the production of your music all thanks to the new technology. Music has become diverse, thus providing more options for producers to exercise their creativity. Music production has become art or rather a game; therefore, a producer can try out different ideas to give the music a new taste and feel.

Future of Music Production

The future of music production seems bright yet unpredictable. The music industry is becoming globalized; thus, the output should reach international standards. With artificial intelligence and robotics being invented, music may soon take this direction. Better yet, music production will remain to be a piece of art. Necessity is the mother of invention; thus, technology will change music production based on the needs and demands of musicians. The choice about the future remains with you, the musician. The decision on how you want to make your music is dependent on the desires of listeners.  


As a musician, you should make correct choices regarding music production. A good producer should have the skill as well as proper production tools such as Xfer Serum Skins. Make a good choice!

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