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Hair Extension: How Are The Additions Fixed?

Hair extensions are a great way to add length or volume in the blink of an eye. There is no single process for adding hair: fixing them, in particular, can be done in different ways. Choose the one most suited to your hair type!

The Most Common Hair Extension Method Today: Keratin Pose

Today, most salons offer keratin hair additions. The latter works like glue: it is placed at the point of contact between your hair (at least one centimeter from your head) and the base of the wick of the hair extensions, then melted and hardened to ensure a good hold. This process can be done hot or cold using ultrasound. If the application of keratin additions damages the hair in the long term, it is also the most durable technique for making your extensions hold: it is, therefore, to be preferred if you want to keep them for a long time, but requires special care.

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The Weaving Technique for Adding Hair:

This technique is mainly offered today in ethnic hairdressing salons, but it is suitable for all types of hair, whether straight or curly, thin or thick… It is easier to maintain and deemed less aggressive. than the keratin method, because it does not require the addition of any chemicals. For hair extension by Gold Coast Hair Extensions, the hairdresser uses hair bands and not strands: the lengths are fixed on bands of about ten centimeters, which will be sewn (woven) or braided into the natural hair.

For this, a line is drawn horizontally towards the middle of the skull. The upper part is maintained while the hairdresser makes a small African braid from one ear to the other. Once the top half of the hair is released, the fixation will be invisible.

Clip-in Hair Extensions:

Clip in Hair Extensions

This hair extension technique is the easiest to achieve, but also the least durable: it is therefore preferred for a special occasion, such as a party or a wedding, but will not be suitable if you want longer hair in the hair. daily … unless you regularly dedicate time to it in your bathroom! Indeed, clip hair additions are simple wicks to fix at the level of your roots using a kind of barrette. The technique is so simple that it is rarely offered in the Gold Coast Hair Extensions salon: ask a friend for help, or attach your clip-in extensions alone, armed with a good mirror.

Adding Hair Through Braiding:

Just like the weaving method, hair extension through braiding does not require the use of any chemicals. It is also the technique that damages your natural hair fiber the least. However, it will only suit you if you want to wear all of your braided hair at all times: the hair additions are inserted into your natural hair by integrating them into a multitude of braids.

Wearing hairpieces is a good way to gain length, but this choice must be informed. It is indeed not trivial and requires certain knowledge to fully benefit from the extensions.

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Extension Or Weaving: Which Method Of Adding Hair To Choose?

Extension Or Weaving

While classic extensions are the most popular method of adding hair in France today, certain alternatives are becoming increasingly important. This is particularly the case with weaving. Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages: which one is right for you?

Adding Hair by Extensions: Fixing

Today, when we talk about hair extensions, we implicitly refer to the most fashionable method of adding hair: that of fixing with keratin. There are, in fact, many ways to fix hair extensions. The one we are talking about here is to “glue” the extensions to your natural hair. For this, the additions are presented in the form of wicks: their end is tight to obtain a discrete result when fixed near your roots (at least one centimeter from your skull). The hairdresser will simply deposit a kind of glue, the keratin, at the point of contact between your natural hair and your extensions, then melt it using a specific device: it can be.

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What is weaving?

If weaving is less popular than keratin extensions in classic salons today, it is not everywhere, since it is offered in most ethnic salons. Unlike the previous method, no chemicals are used to fix the hair additions. The hairdresser will first draw a horizontal line towards the middle of the skull and clear the work surface by fixing the upper part of the hair using a clamp. It is on this braid, very tight and close to the skull, that the extensions will be woven, this time presented in the form of bands and not strands. The operation can be repeated several times to obtain even more volume.

When should you choose the classic extension for your hair additions?

This method of adding hair is the more durable of the two since it is expected to last about four months, which is two to four times longer than a hair extension box. This technique is also most often offered in a salon and is, therefore, to be preferred if you do not want to search for hours for the hairdresser who can offer you the service you are looking for. However, it can cause more problems when brushing, since the extensions are not directly attached to the root.

When to choose the weaving method?

The weaving method has several advantages over its competitor, starting with the fact that it does not require any chemical product, and is, therefore, more respectful of the hair than the traditional method of hair additions. It is also much more affordable. On the other hand, although it damages the hair less than its competitor, it prevents the hair from breathing at the level of the braid. Finally, it is designed to last less than a keratin extension.

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