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11 haunted Indian Roads you should never visit alone

Have you ever been on road trips which are fun as well as exciting? Most of the people will answer this question with a “yes” , but these road trips can take a major and dangerous turn if you are travelling through a certain road. We would suggest you to avoid the below listed roads if you don’t want to face some horrifying experiences. Below is the list of 11 such haunted Indian roads. If you love horror genre, here are the top haunted stories and incidents of most haunted places in India.

Besant Avenue Road, Chennai –

It is located near an area that has a lot of hustle and bustle. This road has proven itself to be scary time and again. It is said to be haunted as people have felt evil spirits troubling them by physically assaulting them as these spirits don’t want intruders on that road.

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Blue cross road, Chennai –

This road gives an eerie feeling in the dark as it is thickly covered with dense trees and even many locals have witnessed many white figures crossing the road and coming in front of the passing cars.


East Coast Road, Chennai

The area which is haunted is Karikattukuppa. Over here the ghosts are blood hungry and hunt for humans. Also, a vivid fact is that the ghosts haunt the temple area. But these hauntings are very rare.


Marve and Madh island road

It has been observed that every night there is a soul which wanders across the road and is dressed as a bride. As per the locals, a girl was murdered by her husband on her wedding day on the same road and therefore the ghost of the girl till date roams around and waits for the day when she can finally quench her thirst for revenge.

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Kasara highway –

This is the famous Mumbai- Nashik highway where many people have witnessed an actual headless lady sitting on the branches of dense and thick trees and then jumping on the bonnet of the cars passing by.


Kashedi Ghat –

This is a part of the Mumbai- Goa highway and is known for it’s blood thirsty and flesh hungry witches. People have reported scratches and marks on their body after crossing this highway.


Sathyamangalam sanctuary –

As per the legends, the infamous bandit Veerappan used to reside there. People have witnessed lanterns flying and heard screams. Many locals say that it is the ghost of Veerappan who is creating the nuisance.



There are many stories that support the rumours of the eeriness of this road. Many suggest that if you do not visit the religious place that stands right before the highway then you might have an accident and get killed and then probably even god won’t be able to save you. Ironic right?


Eastern highway Thane, Maharashtra –

The legends suggest that every night there is a man who stands with stretched hands and whoever sees that man tends to lose their head. So, if your head is an integral part of you then please avoid this road.


Jhonson and Jhonson road, Mulund –

Now this one is an interesting yet horrifying road. People say that accidents take place of the people who are travelling through this road probably because someone comes in the middle of the road in front of their vehicle. But, the twist is that people don’t really remember what happened with them .


Khooni Nala, Jammu & Kashmir –

This highway is haunted by ‘Jinnats’ which are like ghosts. People have experienced paranormal activities in their surroundings like sudden vivid noises coming from no where and sudden accidents.


Delhi Cant –

When talking about haunted roads then we can certainly not miss this particular area. Covered under lush green trees Delhi Cant. has been a home to the spirit of an old lady who asks for lift and if given, she kills the driver and the other passengers. They also say that the lady travels at the speed of the car.

So the list is endless but the roads which can cause dangerous consequences are given above. Do comment down for more information.

Do you know any other haunted Indian roads? Let us know in the comments section!

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