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Hinduphobia and Hypocrisy: New normal for Indian Stand up Comedians

We all know whats going on in the social media space in the recent times. A female comedian named Agrima Joshua cracked some joke about the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and for this she faced severe backlash and thereafter things got out of hand and she started receiving rape threats from a man called Shubham Mishra which we think is bizarre and in any case subjecting a woman to rape threats is totally wrong and as we would expect action was taken against this man and he was eventually arrested for giving rape threats to the comedian and Agrima also apologized for hurting any sentiments through her joke.

Why Comedians Selectively Targeting Hindu God?

According to us what is not acceptable is the fact that numerous comedians who are now standing in solidarity with this female comedian have themselves passed derogatory comments against women at some point and now they come forward in the name of feminism and demand actions. We want to ask if they are so concerned about girls being subjected to cyber bullying then why did they themselves used derogatory and absolutely disgraceful language against women and then later named it as comedy. The most bizarre part is when they are called out for their own hypocrisy they cry and howl about how their freedom of speech is taken away from them. Now we fail to understand that how is pointing out your hypocrisy came down to freedom of speech. Below are some derogatory comments or we would say “JOKES”  by the comedians :


Not only do these people pass stupid comments about women and then do the age old feminism drama, these people also tend to consider Hindus to be a soft target and they crack offensive jokes about our beliefs.

These people  mock hindus for everything they believe in, be it their mythological beliefs or their eating habits of not including non-vegetarian components in their diets. They on one hand talk about other religions and how they must come together for world peace but on the other hand would potray hindus as backward and stupid.

Comedians also tend to mock the national effort to minimize the use of Chinese products by mocking the collective feeling of patriotism among the citizens.

Bollywood is also not behind in mocking Hindu beliefs and depicting objectionable stuff in the name of art and talent. This includes depicting Gods in stupid stiuations and also glorifying gangsters and making movies on drug addicts and the most painful part is that we as audience do not realize this and end up making these films a hit and genuine art forms are sidelined. You will also notice that movies always depict villans worshipping Maa Kali and will always put a big tika on their foreheads.

Web Series, Stand-up Comedy, Books & so on : Various mediums spreading Hinduphobia

At last we would like to say that if these people have the courage to talk about Islamophobia and are ready to hold protests against it they should also possess courage to call out Hinduphobia and point out things which insult the hindu beliefs. We don’t support any religious divide or communalism but all we expect is that there must be discussion about the good and bad aspects of every society and there must be efforts to improve it without defaing the other which doesn’t seem to to be going well with the entertainers and they enjoy defaming one particular religion only. Why don’t these comedians and entertainers joke the same way about any other community, why only hindus pose to be a soft target.

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