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How To Change Your Drinking Habits In 2023

Consuming alcohol shouldn’t be an issue as long as you can keep your drinking routine at a consumption level that is considered healthy. The question is, is your drinking habit within the healthy spectrum? Because the impact of alcohol is often felt in the long run, the best approach is to maintain a healthy drinking habit. If you are concerned that you may have been drinking too much and need to make healthier choices, here are a few tips on changing your drinking habits in 2023.

CBD products may help.

It’s no longer news that people are now opting for cannabidiol (CBD) to balance their mind and bod.

A more recent 2021 study also showed that the 120 participants of the research who took CBD showed a reduction in their impulsive alcohol intake behaviour and also a reduction in the quantity they normally take, suggesting CBD may be helpful in addiction management.

If you want CBD products to help change your drinking habits, OTO CBD drinks might be a great option for quality CBD to help you get started.

Establish a drinking routine and stick to it.

In case you find it difficult to completely stop alcohol intake, you can set a limit on the quantity you drink. Think of it as a drinking goal, just like fitness goals to keep fit. Often, it is recommended that women should not take more than one standard drink in a day and no more than two for men. This is not a medically approved standard for everyone as some people may have health conditions that may not even permit them to take up to the above-suggested quantity. If you are in doubt, your doctor is in the best position to guide you on a safe drinking routine based on your health status.

Don’t keep alcohol at home.

If you don’t have easy access to alcohol, it can go a long way in managing the way you have been drinking. Sure, you can always go outside and buy if you want, but with tip two in place, you are in better control of not drinking beyond your drinking limits if you don’t keep alcohol at home.

Keep away from your drinking friends.

If you have buddies that may trigger you to take excessive alcohol, it might be best to avoid them until you have better control of your drinking habits. What’s more, you may want to consider avoiding your drinking buddies if you can’t seem to refuse heavy drinking when you are around them.

Go on alcohol-free days.

Try to avoid drinking for some days per week and see how it impacts your sleep, health, weight, emotional state, memory, productivity, etc. Look at this tip as a way of gradually detoxifying your system without putting too much demand on yourself. If you like the outcomes of no drinking after, for example, a total of 15 days in a month of not drinking, you’ll be proud of yourself and perhaps take the challenge further.

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