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Sleep Deprivation | Is Lack of Good Sleep Turning You Into A Zombie?

Do you regularly feel sluggish, lethargic, grump and dishevelled in the mornings, or even throughout the day? If the answer is yes, you may be suffering from a consistent lack of quality sleep ie. sleep deprivation. Feeling like a zombie isn’t inevitable, but in some cases, you may experience repeated nights of poor sleep and their subsequent symptoms, including inflammation and puffiness, fatigue and irritability. Even if you’re prepared to deal with certain sleep issues by putting on a CPAP full face mask, you may still want to find ways to address your underlying sleep deprivation problems and symptoms. If poor sleep has left you feeling like the undead lately, here are the essential tips that could help turn your sleep schedule around.

3 Ways to Lose Those Bags Under Your Eyes

Sleep Deprivation | Is Lack Of Good Sleep Turning You Into A Zombie? | TrendPickle

Unfortunately, consistently sleep deprivation can lead to a slew of symptoms. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Feelings of fatigue throughout the day
  • Brain fog or confusion
  • Irritability and poor judgment
  • Low levels of productivity
  • Pale skin and puffy undereyes

Thankfully, you can address these common signs of poor sleep relatively quickly and easily. If you’ve already decided on getting an AirTouch f20 vs AirFit f20 to help address your core sleep problems, you may be looking for ways to lose the bagginess under your eyes that give away your tired status. To eliminate under-eye puffiness, you can:

Sleep Deprivation | Is Lack Of Good Sleep Turning You Into A Zombie? | TrendPickle

Use a rose quartz stone or a gua sha roller to gently roll away the puffiness under your eyes and across your face, or touch a cold spoon to your undereye area for a similar effect.

Hit the gym for a cardio session that can help increase the blood flow to your face and reduce the look of bagginess and puffiness under the eyes.

Chill your eye creams in the fridge overnight and gently apply a few dots of cooled product around your eyes for a refreshing effect.

Say Goodbye To That Groggy Feeling

Sleep Deprivation | Is Lack Of Good Sleep Turning You Into A Zombie? | TrendPickle

If you’re equipped with a new ResMed nasal mask and are feeling motivated to turn your sleep habits around for good, there are a few steps you can take to get rid of that groggy feeling. In particular, you should:

  • Start slowing down and relaxing at least an hour before bedtime for a natural transition into sleep
  • Try fun nighttime rituals such as drinking hot tea and lemon, reading a paper book, listening to nature sounds, crocheting or playing with your pet
  • Try to keep your bedtime and wake-up time as consistent as you can to avoid confusing your body
  • Use a sleep tracking app to ensure that you’re getting good quality sleep each night
  • Set your alarm for at least eight hours of sleep a night and avoid taking on excessive work or personal responsibilities that could lead to frequent sleep shortages

If you suffer from poor sleep on a regular basis and often wake up feeling like a zombie, it could be past time for a change in your sleep routine. These top tips can help you get high-quality sleep every night, address the side effects of poor sleep and adopt a healthier sleep regimen for the long run.

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