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How to meet girls Online? – The beginner’s guide

Men, as well as women, crave to find real love. They also want warmth, care, and they want to know that there is someone who always waits for them. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in finding the “one” in everyday life (or simply does not have time for this), therefore dating sites are regularly updated with the male population. How to meet a woman on a dating site? What to write to her? What to ask about? And is it really possible to meet girls online?

What You Need to Take Into Account 

When studying profiles of applicants and in the process of correspondence with them, you need to pay attention to several points:

Literacy. Successful ladies will never write with mistakes. If they do not care about such an important factor as grammar, they cannot have serious intentions. 

Photos. If all the pictures were taken exclusively by professionals, it is not a fact that the girl you communicate with looks like that in real life. She can wear tons of makeup because she is afraid to show her natural beauty.

Date of application. If a girl claims to be on the site recently, you can easily check this information by simply looking at the date the profile was created and studying the comments on the photo. If she stays on the site for a long time and lies you then you have to think twice whether you need to continue to communicate with her.

How to Start Communication

You need to get acquainted with girls on dating sites with a cold head, carefully analyzing all the incoming information. Only in this way will you be able to choose the “one”, protecting yourself from girls who are using such sites for their special intentions. 

Studying the questionnaire. Before you decide to write to an attractive lady, it is important to stock up on a maximum of information about her hobbies. All the information that is stated on her profile will help you with this. If a girl’s favorite music group, movie or book is mentioned on the girl’s profile, the chances of success increase significantly. After all, you have a real reason to write to her, without using all the hackneyed phrases. 

A compliment. If you do not know what to write a girl on a dating site, start with a compliment. Not vulgar, but correct, pleasant and concise. Experienced seducers advise against praising the girl for her beauty. She didn’t put a single gram of effort into it. But the sports figure, skillful make-up and tastefully selected clothes deserve attention. Write simply and to the point, but without slipping into platitudes.

Topics For Correspondence

Providing that the first acquaintance was a positive one, you continue to communicate with the chosen one, but you have no idea what to talk about on dating sites with a still-unfamiliar person. You can support communication in the following ways: 

  • share childhood memories or a little secret; 
  • ask about the past day and its significant events; 
  • be interested in plans for the weekend and offer your ideas;
  • exchange information that directly relates to your common hobbies with her; 
  • talk about your own small achievements.

In addition to all the above, here are some tips on how to behave on dating sites: 

Do not be a bore. Girls do not like such people and try to get rid of a boring interlocutor. Watch for the adequacy and literacy of your speech. Educated people are always valuable. Do not upload pictures from the Internet instead of photos. This will cause suspicion of fraud. Do not drag out online meetings, it is always a good idea to meet offline. Otherwise, the chosen one will choose another, more decisive man.

All in all, while using the dating sites, you have to take into account such factors as photos, the information stated on the site and the date of the application. While communicating with girls, compliment them, share interests and do not be afraid of meeting offline.

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