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Why Python is so popular? Reasons why Python is famous?

One of the main reasons of python application development. It is so popular because of its design, which is much simpler than other languages. Even a person who has just started learning programming can learn Python from scratch. At the same time, Python belongs to general-purpose languages, and is used both in analytics and in the development of game projects, and in many other areas.

Easy to Learn and Use

Software development in python is on top of its popularity. Django and Flask frameworks based on this particular language are very popular among web developers. With these frameworks, you can write backend code in Python. The peculiarity of this code is that it functions on the server, and not on users’ devices and in the browser, as the frontend code works. It is the use of web frameworks that seriously simplifies the creation of web applications, with their help you can implement business processes of absolutely any nature, they will also simplify the use of Ajax and help in refactoring old resources. Flask is the best choice for newbies, this framework is pretty simple.

Mature and Supportive Python Community

Those who work with Python form a serious community, it is large and can always help with advice or share useful materials. Thanks to the efforts of the community of Python programmers, this language is constantly being improved with each new version.

Analysis and visualization

This language is also successfully used in the field of data analysis and visualization. One of the most popular libraries in this area is Matplotlib. This library can be mastered quickly and easily. In addition, some other popular libraries are built on the basis of Matplotlib, for example, seaborn. That is, after studying Matplotlib, later on it will be much easier for you to deal with other libraries based on this library. Python app development services are easy and comfortable.

Finally, Python has found its way into scripting these days. This is where Python competes with Ruby, but nevertheless competes very well. The main advantage of Python over Ruby is its fairly simple syntax and decent performance. With this language, you can quickly create a small script.

First-choice Language

Another advantage of Python is the huge amount of information about this language. In terms of the number of online courses, tutorials, libraries, and frameworks, Python beats other languages. Python is equipped with many standard libraries – you don’t have to write all the code yourself. For example, to connect a MySQL database to a web server, you can use the ready-made MySQLdb library by simply adding it using the import MySQLdb line. The Python standard libraries in lending software development are of high quality. They have been tested and used by hundreds or even thousands of people for lending software.

Use of Python in academics

With all this, Python has a fairly easy-to-use syntax – thanks to it, loan management software is the ideal language for those who decided to learn programming. Python is also perfect as an additional language for those who already know a programming language and want to keep learning – it will be easy for them to learn Python too. The length of the code is rather short – this is also a feature of the language. In general, working with Python is pleasant because it allows to solve problems, instead of focusing on complex syntax. We can safely say that it is much easier to write programs in Python than in C + and Java. Plus it is an object-oriented language, which means that everything here is just an object in custom python development. Object-oriented programming allows you to intuitively solve complex problems. By creating objects with lending software solutions, users divide complex tasks.


As you can see, Python has a lot of advantages. This language is great for learning thanks to its elegant and simple syntax, its expressiveness, its large community, plus this language is not too strict.

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