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Five Mistakes Parents Should Avoid To Help Their Children Grow As Beautiful Human Beings

All parents of the world want their children to grow as successful and peaceful human beings, but it doesn’t happen quite often. Though having good intentions, something seems to be going out of the way when it comes to parenting. Below are a few mistakes parents should avoid which can help them in the most beautiful process of raising the next generation of human beings beautifully.

“The path to hell is filled with good intentions” – Osho

1. A child is born through the parents, but parents are not the creators of life –

Parents must keep this always in mind that children’s are their gift, not their possession. A child is a fresh life which has come with its own intelligence and destiny. As parents, the only role they have is to protect them physically and provide them a good loving environment to nurture and grow.

mistakes parents should avoid

2. Don’t keep holding their hands when they can walk on their own, it will cripple them –

As a bumblebee grows inside the protective cell of its egg, after a certain time it breaks the cell through a continuous waving of its wings. If out of kindness someone tries to break the cell from the outside, it cripples the bee for life. Because the continuous and tireless fluttering of the wings is the exercise which gives the wings the required strength it needs to fly in the open atmosphere.

mistakes parents should avoid

3. Giving the children a biased view of the world and the choices these children are going to make in their life –

Life and society are changing each moment and as a result, the career and professional opportunities are also changing at a rapid pace. Parents having tasted success in their own fields in their own era tend to have biasedness towards career and professional opportunities in which they excelled. Parents need to understand new times present new opportunities and should not force their opinion on their children.

mistakes parents should avoid

4. Let the children become a full-fledged human being –

Rather than focusing on letting the children grow to their fullest potential in terms of body and mind, putting them on the course of a mad rate race ends up creating an emotionally deranged human being.  What the society needs today are well evolved human beings instead of genius nerds.

mistakes parents should avoid

5. Passing one’s unfulfilled dreams on the shoulders of their children –

Parents after a certain stage give up their striving for the betterment of their own lives and put everything on the shoulders of their children. Let your children bring a new lease of life to this world; let it not get cluttered with your or someone else’s experiences.

mistakes parents should avoid

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