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How to Save Up for a House While You’re Renting

If you are currently a tenant, you know how quickly the first of the month comes around. We promise ourselves that we will set aside some money, but then in comes the rent bill all over again. It sometimes may seem hard to do, but it is entirely possible to save money and prepare to buy a home.

Set Aside for Savings

It is important to put aside some of your income as savings, and you should try to do this first, not last. You may already know exactly how much money you spend every month on your fixed expenses. Keeping track of your monthly expenditures will help you to determine a realistic savings plan for yourself. Now you will know where your money is going every month, and this will help make you feel more in control.

Create a Budget

Take the time to set up your budget. Be sure that a portion of it is labeled as savings, and stick to it. As you start plugging in the known expenditures like rent, car insurance, or a phone bill, you will be able to determine how much money will be available to go towards other bills, such as groceries, lunch money, or personal pocket cash. Reducing how much money you spend on things like fast food or non-essentials will help you make sure you have plenty of money when the big things come around. Make sure you do plan in your budget for some money to be spent on personal entertainment (such as going to a movie every Friday night). This helps keep the budget rewarding and fun, helping you to continue following the budget; without the little allowances, the budget becomes just another chore and is easier to procrastinate on following. Slowly but surely, you’ll be on your way to better managing your money. Every financial step you can take brings you closer to buying your dream home.

Check Your Credit Score

Maintaining a high credit score is more important than ever when it is time to apply for a mortgage. Any additional money that you have, even just a few dollars at a time, should go to paying down your credit card balances. Here is a piece of sound advice to help you accomplish your goal more quickly. Pay off your debts faster via the snowball method, so you have more available income to put toward saving for a home.

Pay Your Bills On Time

The snowball method of paying down your debt is simple and effective. You will want to pay off the lower balances first. Always be sure to protect your credit score by making all of your payments on time. The lower your debt and the more timely your payments, the higher your credit score.

It makes sense to pay off your debts faster via the snowball method, so you have more available income to put toward saving for a home. You can save up even more money for your down payment. That will ultimately mean that the amount of your mortgage will be less, as will your monthly mortgage payment. Additionally, having a high credit score will help get you a lower interest rate on your mortgage, and that will also lower your monthly payment. Your monthly payments may actually be less expensive to own than to rent.

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