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How To Sharpen Your Memory | Best Ideas to Trick Your Brain

Functionality and productivity of brain decrease with age. Mental decline is a common situation, and it is a feared outcome of aging. Cognitive impairment is avoidable through brainy activities. These activities can develop neurological malleability and build up a purposeful reserve. A cerebrally stimulating activity can build up a human brain. Start some brain exercise with mental gymnastics like math problems, crosswords, and jigsaw puzzle. These things need mental efforts and visual ability. Here are some ideas that can keep your brain young and sharpen memory.

Physical Exercises: Good for Mind and Body

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Physical exercises will not only help you to lose weight, but these can help your mind. Regular exercises can increase tiny blood vessels in your brain. These vessels are responsible for bringing blood with oxygen to different regions of your brain. Mental activity spurs the development of new blood cells and improves connections between synapses (brain cells). Mental exercise decreases your mental stress while helping your heart and brain.

Mental Exercises for Dementia

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Dementia describes symptoms linked with a decline in thinking skills and memory. This disease can affect you with age, so you have to work on your brain to avoid dementia. With the use of jigsaw puzzles, you can involve your mind in exercise. These puzzles offer consistent challenges to your brain. After solving each puzzle, you will get feelings of satisfaction. It is an excellent way to entertain your brain with an enjoyable activity. These puzzles can decrease the risk of developing dementia. The mentally challenging games can stimulate your memory and thinking. The participants will get natural feelings of happiness and enjoyment.

Doing jigsaw puzzle exercises can stimulate both sides of your brain and help your brain to move from a beta state (wakeful mind) into an alpha state (state of dreaming). You can get the advantage of therapeutic and meditative effects on your brain. These activities are enough to calm your dementia.

Right Jigsaws for Dementia

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To choose jigsaw for a person with dementia, it is essential to consider their ability. In the early stages, they can complete almost 100 – 200 pieces with less difficulty. The puzzles for dementia have fewer pieces, such as 12 – 35 pieces to make them simple to complete. You can choose online Jigsaw Puzzle Bravo game app. This app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store. You can download this app in your Android or Apple devices. The app has several puzzles so that anyone can choose one as per his personal needs. Moreover, a team of experts is consistently updating this app. It can be a good choice for people who have dementia.

Other Exercises to Sharpen Your Brain

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You can test your memory by making a list of grocery items or regular tasks. Memorize this list and wait for one hour. After one hour, try to recall this list and see how many items you have in your mind. Try to make this list difficult and challenging to stimulate your brain.

Moreover, you can join a music class and learn to play musical instruments. Learning something complex and new within a specific period can be great practice for an aging brain. If you like cooking, you can join cooking classes. Cooking will utilize your different senses, such as taste, sight, touch, and smell. It will involve different sections of your brain.

Try to do math without a computer, paper, and pencil. Calculate different figures in your head to challenge your brain. Visualize spellings in your mind and try to recall another word with similar letters.

Pay Attention to Emotions

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Sleep-deprived, depressed, exhausted and anxious people may score poorly on different tests for cognitive functions. Poor scores may not predict the risk of cognitive decline, but you will need restful sleep. If you want to decrease the effects of aging on your brain, eat a healthy diet and exercise your brain with jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t love vegetables, here are 7 ways to trick your brain into loving vegetables.

Do you want to share any other tips to sharpen the memory, please comment below.

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