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The Unforgettable Beats: Top 20 K-pop songs of all time

The magic of K-pop has left no corners of the world, where appealing beats, exciting performances and gorgeous visuals collide to create a spectacular musical experience like no other! If you are someone who is yet to experience the K-pop wave, don’t worry and be ready because in this article you are about to begin an exhilarating journey of exploring the best 20 K-pop songs of all time!

From the mesmerizing choreography to the irresistible hooks that one cannot stop grooving to (not that we’re complaining), millions around the globe have fallen into the charms of K-pop and do you know the best part? they are not complaining. Whether you’re an experienced K-pop stan or just a curious music lover looking to delve into this breathtaking music genre, we’ve got your back with our handpicked selection of tracks that will make your eyes sparkle with joy, your feet following the beats and your heart filled with delight.

Now, the wait is almost over as we discover the most iconic and extraordinary musical gems of K-pop-each song has brought something new to the genre and successfully left a prominent impact on the fans

Hold tight and get ready to be amazed, spell bounded and who knows possibly even shed a tear or two – it’s all a part of the K-pop vibrant world! Let’s dive into the world of power-packed performances, unforgettable musical treasures, and a universe where music defies all limits.

“Gangnam Style” by PSY (2012)

Gangnam Style is a revolutionary and groundbreaking cultural phenomenon that crossed borders and transformed K-pop’s global popularity. Released by South Korean sensational artist PSY, the song showcased one of a kind of catchy beats, funny lyrics, and a very iconic dance move of riding a horse. Its addictive nature and quirky music video reached all over the world, impelling it to be the first K-pop song to reach one billion views on YouTube within no time. The success of the song not only made the way for K-pop to reach an international audience but it also proved that music does not follow any language and K-pop does have the ability to unite people worldwide.

“Gee” by Girls’ Generation (2009)

Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD, made an important impact with “Gee.” This peppy and upbeat song soared the girl group to popularity and stardom, making its place in one of the most iconic songs in the history of K-pop. young and girlish charm in the song, along with its infectious hook was heavily loved by the audience, along with its irresistible hook, making Girls’ Generation reach a position as one of the best girl groups in the industry. “Gee” is a beloved song connecting the fans and no one can disagree that it played a pivotal role in the spread of the magic of K-pop to the international level.

“Fantastic Baby” by BIGBANG (2012)

BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby” is a thrilling and genre-changing classic that left a long-lasting mark on K-pop. With its deadly visuals, expressive choreography and dynamic vocals, the song showcased BIGBANG’s transformation and unique style. “Fantastic Baby” revealed the group’s ability to blend rock, hip-hop and electronic dance and their versatility, making it a memorable and addictive superhit that delighted fans worldwide. This song not only created a status for BIGBANG as legendary K-pop artist but also reaffirmed their influence on shaping the K-pop industry.

“I Am the Best” by 2NE1 (2011)

2NE1, one of K-pop’s most influential girl groups, released “I Am the Best” which is an empowering and powerful song. The song’s assertive and bold lyrics, along with its fierce performance and peppy beats, established 2NE1 as a revolutionary force in the industry. This song helped in the growth of K-pop beyond the borders of Asia as it received several international recognitions. The artistry of 2NE1 has been shown through this song with its captivating music video and dramatic fashion.

“Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior (2009)

Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry” is a groundbreaking song that remarkably contributed to K-pop’s worldwide recognition. The song’s catchy melody, addictive choreography, and smooth vocals struck a connection with fans everywhere, driving Super Junior to international popularity. “Sorry, Sorry” revealed the group’s appealing stage presence and on-point synchronization, bringing a change in the level of standard for male idol groups in the industry. Its huge achievement and large success played a pivotal role in establishing K-pop as a global force.

“Blood, Sweat & Tears” by BTS (2016)

BTS, the global sensation created “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, an infectious and skilfully crafted masterpiece. The song blends deep symbolism, soothing vocals and detailed choreography, reflecting the prominent maturity of the artists. The music video has been inspired by exemplary literature and classic art, exploring the theme of temptation and human desire. BTS’s clear storytelling skills and artistic depths have been clearly reflected through this song which earned them international stardom and gained the status of the artist which goes beyond language barriers.

“Growl” by EXO (2013)

EXO’s “Growl” is a critically acclaimed track that became an instant hit in the K-pop industry. The song’s captivating choreography, melodic hooks and smooth R&B sound instantly created a place in the hearts of the fans making it a massive success. “Growl” denoted a defining moment for EXO and brought their position as one of the top male idol groups in the industry. Its consistent harmonies and the very interesting one-take music video without any editing brought a different and a new element to the industry and left no stone unturned to show the talent of the group. The song received various recognition in South Korea as well as on the international level.


BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is a savage and fierce track by BLACKPINK which was an instant hit, breaking records throughout the era and acquiring BLACKPINK’s worldwide recognition. The song showcases the group’s strong vocals and stunning visuals. The song’s addictive beat and appealing chorus have contributed to make it one of the best songs of K-pop industry. The music video, filled with powerful imagery and intense fashion, further gained BLACKPINK’s status as a global phenomenon. BLACKPINK’s immense popularity and their ability to dominate charts worldwide is not surprising and this song is proof of this.

“Spring Day” by BTS (2017)

BTS’s “Spring Day” is a heartfelt and beautifully crafted song which is based on the themes of loss and longing. BTS’s soothing vocals and deep conveyance of the song epitomize the feelings of missing someone dearly. The song is different from the usual powerful and catchy songs of the group but still, the song is important for the fans as many speculate that the song is based on the Sewol Ferry Tragedy of 2014 that left 300 people in South Korea dead. The song represents BTS’s true ability to connect with their fans with their genuineness, compassion and of course music.

“Electric Shock” by f(x) (2012)

f(x)’s experimental approach to music was shown to the world when the group released “Electric Shock”, a quirky and creative song. The song has an electro-pop sound and unusual visuals which made the group a trendsetter in the industry. “Electric Shock” exemplified the group’s powerful energy and imaginative style, earning them a loyal fanbase along with global acknowledgement.  

“DNA” by BTS (2017)

“DNA” represents the image of BTS’s worldwide impact and their ability to blend different genres. The song flawlessly has the elements of both EDM and pop, creating a dynamic and addictive song which captured the hearts of fans worldwide. The positive message of the song on love and destiny strengthened the love they share with their fans. This song earned mainstream recognition and it turned the career of BTS as it turns out to be a massive success. They gained the status of being a global phenomenon.

“Fiction” by BEAST (2011)

BEAST’s “Fiction” earned the group praises worldwide, becoming a turning point for the group’s career and further solidifying their reputation as one of the top male groups in the industry.  The touching and powerful ballad reflected BEAST’s vocal ability and an artist’s true ability to convey powerful emotions through their masterpieces. This song remains a classic that touched the hearts of the fans.

“Red Flavor” by Red Velvet (2017)

Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” is a happy and cheerful summer song perfect for a summer day that resonated with fans worldwide. The song’s upbeat and beautiful chorus, combined with the group’s appealing vocals, earned it acclaim on a global scale making it an instant hit. Red Velvet’s versatility as an artist to easily change concepts and musical styles has been reflected through the song, gaining it the position of being one of the best girl groups in the industry.

“Ring Ding Dong” by SHINee (2009)

SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” to date is loved by the fans even though years have passed since its release. It remains one of the classic songs. The song’s infectious chorus and peppy beats made it a song that connected with listeners of all ages. “Ring Ding Dong” represents SHINee’s outstanding vocal abilities and charming performances. The song got them the status of being one of most influential boy groups of the industry

“Bang Bang Bang” by BIGBANG (2015)

“Bang Bang Bang” is a bold and fierce song that displayed the group’s exceptional talent and versatility. The song’s strong EDM sound and energetic hooks added to its huge success, turning into an enormous hit both in South Korea and globally. The song dominated the charts and the group’s reputation solidified to be known as one of the industry’s top powerful groups.

“Fire” by 2NE1 (2009)

“Fire” denoted 2NE1’s strong and fierce debut. The song’s powerful and energetic sound, along with the group’s fire inspired fashion left a long-lasting effect on the audience. “Fire” turned into a song of confidence and empowerment, touching the hearts of the audience and 2NE1 became one of K-pop’s most powerful girl groups ever.

“TT” by Twice (2016)

Twice’s “TT” is a sweet and lovely song that turned into a huge hit both in South Korea and globally. The track’s adorable and cute lyrics, combined with Twice’s playful energy, were successful in charming the audience the gathering to a worldwide crowd. The music video, highlighting the members wearing lovable Halloween outfits, turned into a global sensation, further moving “TT” to become one of the most famous and loved songs.

“Mirotic” by TVXQ! (2008)

“Mirotic” is a sultry and notable track that pushed the limits of K-pop. With its charming and sensual sound, the song exhibited TVXQ! ‘s vocal ability and personality. “Mirotic” turned into a huge success in South Korea and Japan, raising TVXQ! to global fame and making a permanent imprint on the K-pop industry.

“View” by SHINee (2015)

“View” is a modern song and a song that makes one groove to it. This song marked SHINee’s noticeable growth and maturity as artist. The mature sound of the song and captivating hooks made the group a global sensation. “View” received recognition for its unique blend of musical elements. This song shows the group’s impact and diverse talent.

“Love Scenario” by iKON (2018)

“Love Scenario” is a melodic and delicate song that evoked an emotional response from the audience for its heartwarming and pleasing lyrics. The track’s soothing and wistful energy, accompanied by iKON’s alluring vocals, made it an instant hit. “Love Scenario” became a song celebrating love, earning iKON international fame.

In the history of K-pop, each of these 20 songs holds a special place in the hearts of the fans. Each song has a great contribution to make K-pop reach the international level, defying the language barriers and leaving a long-lasting impact on fans globally. From infectious songs to different genres of song, these tracks showcase the diversity and constant transformation that continue to build and shape the ever-evolving magic of K-pop. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dive into the beautiful world of K-pop and we bet you will never regret it.

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