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The Manifold Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Health!

Coconut oil is one of the oldest forms of oil known to man. It is very versatile and can either be consumed orally or can be applied externally to skin and hair. While coconut oil is widely used in India and Southeast Asia, its benefits have begun to be appreciated by Westerners only recently.

In South India, coconut oil has been used by ladies since time immemorial in order to have luscious and long hair. The quality of their hair is very smooth and dense as a result of the regular application of this useful remedy that is used in each and every home.

This article provides you with the manifold benefits of coconut oil and how it can be used to improve our lives to the fullest. While most of us know the benefits of using coconut oil for getting natural hair, most of us don’t know the dietary benefits that come with it. Here we provide you with some interesting bits of information that provide you with ways in which you can incorporate it into your diet as well.

In this way, we give you a comprehensive and holistic plan of using coconut oil in a variety of ways. This will help you elevate your lifestyle to a new level. Read on to find out the different ways in which you can incorporate the benefits of coconut oil into your daily lives.

Now we will explain these benefits one by one in order to give you a better awareness of this important topic.

1. Coconut oil is equally good for hair and skin

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This is one of the best-known benefits of coconut oil. This marvelous oil can help you protect your lovely tresses and can even help in repairing damaged hair. The fortifying properties of this oil play an important role in protecting and regenerating each and every strand of your hair. It also helps in increasing the rate of growth of your hair. In this way, it can be used to reduce hair fall and preserve the longevity of your hair.

The lesser known fact about coconut oil is that it is good for your skin as well. The hydrating properties of coconut oil help in moisturizing both your hair and your skin. This helps in preventing damage to the hair strands and skin by making them stronger and more resistant to regular wear and tear.

In this way, it is clear that coconut oil is very good for your hair and skin. So you can use the best coconut oil for hair effectively for all kinds of cosmetic uses like these.

2. Consuming Coconut Oil Helps in Better Health

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We all know about the cosmetic uses of coconut oil but did you know about the fact that consuming coconut oil can help in keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay? This is because of the fat burning properties of coconut oil that are not found in other oils. Research studies have shown that people who have a larger percentage of coconut oil in their daily diets have normal blood pressure as well. This helps in keeping the heart healthy and strong.

Most people around the world suffer from some form of heart disease owing to highly stressful lifestyles that leave them vulnerable to such ailments. Coconut oil comes as an elixir for such people and provides them with an alternative to lead a healthier lifestyle. In this way, coconut oil helps in keeping you hale and hearty. You can play this quiz and check out how healthy are you


3. Burns Fat

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Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides or MCTs as opposed to long-chain triglycerides found in other oils. MCTs have the unique property of helping burn fat as compared to the fats found in other oils. This helps in getting rid of the excess amount of fat that is present in the body.

In modern times, many people are plagued with the problem of obesity. Having excess weight is detrimental to overall body health and hence, consuming coconut oil can go a long way in helping to restore healthy fitness levels to people who follow a sedentary lifestyle. This is how coconut oil can help protect you from high blood pressure and many types of cardiovascular diseases as well.

4. Medicinal Properties

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The medium chain triglycerides or MCTs found in coconut oil have medicinal properties. They have a high proportion of good HDL cholesterol that can help protect your heart and other vital organs of the body. It also has fatty acids that go directly to the liver after consumption where they change their forms into ketones.

These ketones have many beneficial effects and can help protect you from a host of medical conditions like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases. In this way, coconut oil can help in protecting your brain as well with its potent medical properties.

5. Kills Harmful Bacteria


Coconut oil contains a special kind of acid called 12-carbon lauric acid. This makes up around half of the distinctive fatty acids that are found in this oil. After the digestion of lauric acid, a substance called monolaurin is formed.

These two substances help in killing harmful bacteria and microbes that can cause digestive problems. In this way, coconut oil helps in improving our digestion in a substantial way.

6. Quick Hunger Satiator

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Coconut oil contains ketones that help in reducing your satiety levels. This means that you feel full even after eating less. In other words, it reduces your appetite and makes the process of weight loss very easy. Other oils don’t provide this benefit, so having coconut oil helps you immensely in following a healthy diet regime.

7. Increases Good Cholesterol


There are two different kinds of cholesterol good or HDL cholesterol or Bad or LDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that coconut oil helps in increasing good cholesterol or HDL that protects your heart by not letting fats get deposited on the arteries. In this way, coconut oil helps in fortifying your heart from cardiovascular and other related diseases.

So these are the manifold benefits of coconut oil that can help you stay hale and hearty till your sunset years!

Do you know any other health benefits of Coconut oil? Let us know in the comments section!


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