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12 Best Christmas Carols Of All Times – Popular Christmas Songs

Christmas Carols are songs related to Christmas that are short stories or happenings sung in musical form. Traditionally, Christmas carols are sung during the holiday season and Christmas. Earlier during the ancient times there were a band of people known as ‘Waits’ who used to sing carols on Christmas Eve. Gradually, Carol singing became popular in churches. So, as Christmas is around the corners, visit these famous churches in India. We have list down the best Christmas carols of all times that you can sing this Christmas.

1.O Holy Night

‘O Holy Night’ was composed in the year 1847 by Adolphe Adam and was originally written by a French Wine Seller named PlacideCappeau. The carol depicts the birth of Jesus as a saviour of human and humanity. This carol song has been recorded by numerous popular artists and many versions of the song is available. The popularity of this carol song is huge and is loved by all.

2.Silent Night

‘Silent Night’ is a song that describes the serene and peaceful night when a child took birth in this earth. The song was originally written by an Austrian priest named Joseph Mohr in the year 1816. He first performed the song on Christmas Eve of 1818. The song was also sung by the German and English soldiers during World War I in 1914. The song is been translated in over 300 languages and various versions is available.

3.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

This popular Christmas carol is written By Charles Wesley an English Methodist leader and hymn writer. The hymn describes the news of the saviour’s birth and that everyone should sing and celebrate the birth of the King i.e., Christ. The writer of the song has written over 6000 hymns out of which this one is the most known.

4.O Little Town of Bethlehem

Written by Phillips Brooks, this famous Christmas carol describes the writers view after visiting the town for pilgrimage. The writer was highly inspired by the hills of Palestine and the view of the entire town. Late, after 3 years the hymn was sung in the Local Sunday Schools. The song is extremely delightful with great meaning.

5.O Come All Ye Faithful

This popular carol song was featured in the movie Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. This hymn dates back to the 18th century from a manuscript in the College at Douai. The information about the writer is still unclear as some state King John IV of Portugal was the author while some state John Francis Wade. But all in all, this is a beautiful and melodious composition.

6.Coventry Carol

This carol song dates back to the 16th century. The carol song describes the incident of ‘Massacre of the Innocents’. After the birth of Jesus, King Herod had ordered to kill all the male babies born who are under the age of 2 years to guarantee the death of Jesus. The writer of the song is still unknown.

7.It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear was written Pastor from Wayland, Massachusetts named Edmund Sears. The author has beautifully depicted the concept of peace and war as it was written during the times of United States war and revolution period in Europe. The melody was composed by Richard Storrs Willis in 1850.

8.Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

This Christmas carol is composed by John Rutter in the year 1966. The carol is about a Shepherd Boy who on his way to Bethlehem to meet Jesus played his pipe music. The Choir of Clare College in Cambridge performed this carol for the first time.

9.Away In A Manger

Published in the 19th century, Away in a Manger is extremely popular among the kids.  The carol is incredibly famous in Britain. The  origin is still unclear as some claim it to be of German origin and some claim it of American origin.

10.Joy To The World

Joy To The World is a popular hymn written by Isaac Watts. He took inspiration and words from the bible verses pf Psalm 98, Psalm 96, and Genesis Chapter 3. Also, this Christmas carol was one of the most published carol in North America. This a very cheerful carol song with a refreshing melody.

11.Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

This carol song may imply to the apple tree in Song of Solomon 2:3 where Jesus Christ himself is representing the Tree or The Tree of Life that is mentioned in Luke 13:18. It was written back in the 18th century and was composed by numerous composers.

12.Carol of the Bells

Based on a Ukrainian Folk ‘Shchedryk’, this is one of the immensely popular Christmas Carol. The folk story behind this song is about the arrival of New Year. This song also has a very freshening melody and is a delight to listen.

So, this was our Christmas Carosl list, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section. Enjoy this Christmas carols and have a Merry Christmas.

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