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Types of men to avoid for getting rid of toxic relationship

Relationships have become very fickle nowadays and with changing times the concept of love is also changing. There is no guarantee till when the relationship might work or how to save it. With divorce rate increasing rapidly the need of an hour is to choose, analyse and select wisely instead of repenting later.

A girl needs to have clarity about how she wants the relationship to be and take a firm stand on things she dislikes. Thus rather than being careless having attention is important than waiting for the unavoidable. Here are some signs that girls should lookout in a relationship that may show a Red signal.

The Embarrassed guy

Some people are shy and little bit conscious but this trait is called as “Introvert”. If there is too much tensed and nervous gestures like no eye contact, silent or inability to chuckle at jokes then such kinds of men must be avoided. Such people are not at all at fault but prove to be a major turn off. Carrying on a relationship with people who dislike socializing is very dull.

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The Miser guy

Money is very precious and valuing but it is very important. But if your guy is constantly looking for free deals, discounts and sales frequently then it is not good. Such men do not like spending money even on their basic needs and fuss on the expenditure always. If at the very start of the relationship all he talks about is the prices being high then dating becomes irritable. A guy will never make his woman evident about the expenses unless he is an absolute cheapskate.

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The Over possessive guy

Caring for your loved one is the crucial part of any relationship. But this doesn’t suggest that cling around your partner for 24 hours. Personal space is required for every individual. This gesture looks cute initially but becomes a burden when the guy starts to keep a watch, follows, secretly inspects mobile phones or even checks on you all the time. Such kind of people should be kept at a distance as they have deep insecurities and can prove to be suffocating.

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The Disloyal guy

Infidelity is not a mistake its a choice. So if your partner continuously cheats on you then forgiving each and every time is waste because that is a repeating behaviour. If you see any suspicious signs like keeping highly secretive passwords, Busy in the phone, cancelling a plan every time and non-stop office outings etc then something is not right. Most of the time it just might be a harmless fear of losing but if doubts are very strong then face to face conversation or interrogation is essential.

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The Good for nothing guy

If your guy only eats and binge watches tv with a promise to find a better job then such lazy guys will never get motivated as they are an utter loser. They are of no help, procrastinate work, lack future goals etc. Women do not have the need to be dependent on men but to run a house equal strength and responsibility is required from both sides. If a man can’t give a helping hand then he is not a suitable partner.

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The Badass guy

Women love men who are fearless, strong and risky. Due to the glorification of such kind of guys in movies, girls tend to go crazy for them. But in practicality dating or marrying a criminal is to have problems in every step as their behaviour cannot be predicted.  Committing one crime after another makes them sadist and they do not feel ashamed to ill-treat or abuse their better half or lover.

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The Sixpack abs guy 

In this era of fitness and bodybuilding men have started becoming more conscious of their health. It is not a crime if your man is fit and healthy but becoming too obsessed with one’s physique is an insane sign. Everything is all about his health, gym workout, lifestyle and exercise goals. The conversation is always regarding I, me and myself and the maximum time is spent in working out and remaining in boasting about it. Such men are not in your love rather dedicated to self-love.

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The Dominating guy

If a guy wants you to follow his every single word, advice, command or enslave you then this is not a right direction guidance but tyranny. Being in the state of denial can lead to mental trauma as the guy will always force his preference or compel you to obey him blindly. Break free from such relationships as you are just a househelp or servant for them.

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The Not moved on yet guy

Everything has an expiry date as there are two sides of a coin. Likewise, the side effect of a relationship is a breakup. If your guy is always speaking about his ex, past memories, comparing you with her and still in contact with her, then you need to take a stand for yourself as you will surely feel very useless and lonely in his presence.

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The Fooling around a guy 

Some men look for no Commitment or seriousness in a relationship but pretend to be trustworthy. Their aim is to live on girl’s money, get expenditure covered, luxurious life and satisfaction of their needs too while looking out for more better options. If such signs are seen then staying away from such guys is vital as it can be emotionally and mentally exhausting.

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The Mummy’s apple of an eye guy

It is not at all wrong to care, love or keep your mom in the top of your priority list. The way a guy treats his mother is an indication of same treatment to his girlfriend or wife. But if your guy is still dependent on his mom to pamper him, advice, bear his expenses and take minor decisions for him then such guys are surely not a good option. These are signs that loudly signify that your guy does not want to balance his relationship as his life only centers around his mom.

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The Sentimental guy 

If your guy is not capable of making choices independently, cries over trivial issues and gets easily angry at things then such guys are not good at handling emotional matters but just a cry babies. Small change or action can lead to great fluctuations in their behavior. If their opinions do not listen to it frustrates them and they use crying as defense mechanism. This kind of signs can arouse feelings of boredom and disinterest in a relationship and thereby ruin it.

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Do you know any more signs of toxic relation, let us know in the comments section!

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Anne December 16, 2018 at 9:08 pm

Lol. The names for each type of guy listed are great! I totally agree with all of them – especially about the disloyal guy. You are absolutely right – infidelity doesn’t just happen, it’s a choice.

Ryan K Biddulph December 16, 2018 at 11:11 pm

Overly shy types gotta go Ashish. Fear repels.


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