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How to prevent Back Pains By Building A Strong Back

At present, a lot of fitness experts are focusing on back strengthening exercises to help prevent back pains. Building a strong back is particularly good for those who spend long hours sitting. Before, fitness experts used to focus solely on core strengthening exercises to aid in the prevention of back pains, but promoting back strengthening routines as well seems to make better sense. Building the back muscles alongside the front muscles creates a muscular balance which prevents injuries or pain.

What Experts Have to Say About Back Strengthening Exercises – 

Professional trainer and athlete Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park have worked together to discuss the importance of back strengthening exercises in preventing injury and reducing pain in their book, Foundation: Redefine Your Core, Conquer Back Pain, and Move With Confidence. Dr. Eric Goodman established his career in training professional and Olympic athletes through the use of Foundation principles. Peter Park is a former world-class triathlete and ultra runner, who now coaches several high profile athletes and personalities, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the USA Cycling Team, and Lance Armstrong.

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Another health and fitness expert who supports the importance of back strengthening exercises is Professor Stuart McGill, a spine biomechanics professor for more than 32 years. Professor McGill has authored a lot of scientific journals and held numerous seminars discussing back pain and the exercises that are vital in strengthening the back and in preventing injuries and pain. According to him, when a person’s middle and lower back muscles are weak, they are more susceptible to experiencing low back pain. The best way to strengthen these muscles is to work on the deeper muscles of the back, specifically the erector spinae, multifidus, and quadratus lumborum. Doing so will build a stronger support for the spine and pelvis.

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The Key to Preventing Chronic Back Pain – 

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During his seminars, Professor McGill talks about various ways to prevent back pain and enumerates the treatments and exercise routines that are essential for avoiding injuries and back pains. His insights on the matter are very helpful to physiotherapy professionals, as he shares the latest scientific studies involving chronic and recurrent back pain.

One important thing to take note of from Professor McGill’s discussions is that back pain is not a homogeneous condition. This means that there is no standard exercise that can be applied to everyone because every individual has his or her specific conditions and needs. However, there is one routine that Professor McGill recommends to everyone and that is a walking routine.

According to him, a walking program is beneficial for everyone, especially those who are suffering from lower back pains. Walking gently activates the balance and stability muscles, and stimulates circulation and metabolism within the lower back area. Aside from walking, there are three basic exercises that can effectively help prevent back pain: The Slow Curl Up, The Side Plank, and The Bird Dog. If you want to stop experiencing those nasty back pains, start with walking and these back strengthening exercises.

The best way to prevent back pains is to strengthen your back muscles. With these science-backed tips, you can start your journey towards a pain-free and injury-free back. Do take note that, if you have been suffering from chronic back pains or injuries, it is best to visit your physio to get the proper treatment and exercise routine.

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Author Bio :

Tim Ellis is the Principal Physiotherapist at Excel Physiotherapy and Wellness in Mascot, New South Wales, Australia. He specialises in treating complex necks and backs and developing highly effective exercise programs for his patients. Tim is committed to integrative health, healthy eating, exercise, and lifelong learning which he shares through his blogs.

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