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Small Wins in a Startup: Why You Should Celebrate

To be a successful entrepreneur like Sidd Pagidipati, you need to learn to celebrate small wins or milestones that your business achieves. You see, starting a new business has you feeling excited but at the same time the process can be overwhelming. You have an idea that is slowly taking off and requires a lot of your attention. This can leave you working overtime, putting in all your effort to make your idea a success.

All that hard work and effort is exactly why you need to learn to celebrate the small wins that you come across. This allows you to blow off some steam and enjoy while also psychologically eases you knowing that a milestone has been accomplished. So which small wins should you celebrate?

First client

You’ve probably heard of numerous businesses framing their first paycheck or the dollar they got from their very first client. There are numerous different ways that businesses celebrate this feat which means that their startup is taking off. This milestone shows that this is just the start of what is to come.

This is an important feat to celebrate because it is the start of business for you. There was a lot of hard work that was put into not just getting the client on board but also starting your business. Which is exactly why most people end up framing their first check or dollar because it constantly reminds them of the hard work they put in to earn it and reminds them of the accomplishment.

Website launch

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have; in the current world of business you need a website. Whether you decide to establish one at the time you launch your business or at a later date, that is completely up to you but a website should be a part of your business plan.

Designing a website takes a lot of effort even when you decide to get it done by an agency. You still need to tell them what you need and ensure that it is up to the mark, once designed. There is a lot of research involved from design, functionality, to content. You need to celebrate the handwork and effort you have put into getting the website launched. The celebration does that and also introduces you to the digital world where you have access to millions of more potential customers.

First employee

In fact, this shouldn’t just pertain to your first employee but every employee you hire. There are numerous reasons why this small win should be celebrated each time an employee joins your office, which include:

  • The growth of your business, with each new employee your business grows.
  • Increased productivity, each time you hire someone you hope to add more skills and expertise within your team which means more business productivity.
  • The hiring process within itself requires effort and time so when you hire an individual that you see is a fit, you should celebrate the effort put in.


Business anniversaries

Did you know that 90% of startups end up failing? Yes, you read that right, NINETY PERCENT! Which means that if your business reaches the year milestone, it calls for celebrations. With such a huge percentage of startups not making it, each passing year of yours is a huge accomplishment.

The celebration shows you and your employees that we have all worked hard to reach this milestone. It will also prompt everyone to work harder to keep the business flourishing.

New products or services

You see it all the time, big businesses having lavish launches for new products and services. While you are just a startup and probably don’t have the same amount of marketing budget for such launches, you can still celebrate such feats in-house. The launch of a new product has a lot of hard work attached to it. From working out prototypes to fixing it to its final state. The product has been carefully sculpted to its final state. You need to celebrate all the effort of your employees on the product once it is ready for launch. Which shows them that their efforts are appreciated.

Digital marketing accomplishments

Digital marketing is a major part of any business’ marketing approach. So small milestones such as the following of 1K, 10K, 25K and so on should be celebrated. It isn’t easy to develop a strong following on various social media platforms and digital marketers need to employ numerous tactics and put in a lot of work. So as each small milestone is achieved they should be celebrated to instills faith in your digital marketers and show appreciation.  After all, the more reach you have on social media can result in more clients for your business.

Celebrating small wins is important for all businesses. It brings the team together, no matter how big or small, and shows them that all their efforts are valued. Which helps bring unity and build synergy around the workplace.


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