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Best South Indian Horror Movies Dubbed into Hindi

Well, the South Indian Film Industry has given us some excellent horror movies, some of them became very popular and have been dubbed into Hindi. You can watch most of these movies on YouTube. Let’s have look at top south Indian horror movies dubbed in Hindi. If you love south Indian horror movies and cannot understand the south Indian languages, this south Indian horror movie list is for you.

1.Ezra (2017)

Ranjan and Priya move to Cochin. There, Priya buys an antique Jewish box for interior decoration. When she opens the box the spirit in the box come out and possess her. They later come to know that the box is not an ordinary box but it is a Dybbuk box which contains a malicious spirit of a dead person. Can Ranjan save his wife from this malicious spirit?

Watch 1921 – Ek Raaz Movie trailer in Hindi :

2. The House Next Door (2017)

The film was shot simultaneously in three languages, the film was titled Aval in Tamil and, The House Next Door in Hindi. A happy couple Krish and Lakshmi move to a new house. They suddenly notice that a new family move into the next house and they start facing weird things. A girl is possessed in the house next door,  they need to reveal the dark secrets from the past to save the girl.

Watch  The House Next Door Movie trailer in Hindi :

3. Sivalinga (2017)

Sivalinga is a supernatural thriller film. Raheem, a good-natured person is killed in a train. The only witness to the event is his pigeon. CID officer Shiva is assigned to investigate the case. Soon, Raheem’s ghost possesses the officer’s wife. The officer is looking for the clues to crack the case. Can you solve the clues to find the killer? Watch the film to find out. The film is dubbed in Hindi as “Kanchana Returns“.

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Watch Sivalinga Trailer: 

4. Aranmanai 2 (2016)

This is the second movie in Aranmanai series. Murali returns to his ancestral palace along with his fiancee as his father lands in a coma under mysterious circumstances. However, his life takes a turn when he uncovers the dark secrets of his family.

Watch Raj Mahal 2 Movie trailer in Hindi: 

5. Sthree Repu Raa (2016)

Villagers in Andhra write ‘O Sthree Repu Raa’ on their outside walls to prevent ghosts from visiting their home. Is this custom based on fact or myth?

Watch Wo Phir Aayegi Movie trailer in Hindi :

6. Dhilluku Dhuddu (2016)

Dhilluku Dhuddu is primarily a romantic comedy film with some horror elements. Kumar falls in love with his former classmate Kajal. The girl’s father does not approve of their marriage and is ready to do anything to stop the marriage. He fakes his nod for the marriage and calls the boy’s family to an isolated house where he plans to kill Kumar with help of professional killers. Later everyone realizes, the house is haunted by ghosts and their lives are at risks. The film is dubbed in Hindi as “Raj Mahal 3“.

Watch Dhilluku Dhuddu trailer :

7. Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada (2016)

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada is a fantasy thriller film. Arjun is a visual effect supervisor with a bad love failure. One day, he takes his friend Kishore for treatment as the later is possessed by an evil spirit. There he meets Nithya and falls in love with her. Later, Arjun comes to know that Nithya is also possessed by someone who is making her do all these things. To the surprise of everyone, another girl Amala approaches Arjun as the one who is doing all this. Will Arjun be able to figure out? Watch the movie to find out if you can make any connection.


Watch Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada trailer :

8. Maya (2015)

Maya is about a village called Mayavanam which is based far away from the city. Actor Aari reaches the location following his curiosity after reading a book which states that years ago, the place used to be a mental hospital. Now in ruins, the place situated among forest area is totally abandoned and people who have visited the place believe that there is some evil spirit lurking around it. The film promises some jump scares as well and the backstory of the film certainly is interesting.

Watch Ek Paheli Maya Movie trailer in Hindi:

9. Masss (2015)

Masss is an action horror movie starring Suriya and Nayanthara. Masss and his friend meet with a life threating accident when they were returning with money after a robbery. Thereafter, He attains the special ability to see spirits around him. He finds that he can communicate with the dead. A ghost named Shakthi asks for the help of Masss and in return, it promises to trace the money lost at the time of the accident.

Watch Masss trailer  :

10. Karva (2017)

Karva is a Kannada suspense horror film. The film consists of two separate storylines which are related to the final plot. The first storyline is about a documentary filmmaker who goes to investigate a haunted house and the other is about the kidnapping of a rich businessman’s daughter. The two stories meet at Raj Palace which is a deserted mansion located somewhere in the Karnataka countryside. The film is must watch if you like horror movies with a pinch of suspense. But the story does not end in this part so you have to wait for the second part.

Watch Karva Trailer:

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