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Tarot Cards Test – Pick A Tarot Card to Know Your Personality

The best way to succeed or to go to the peak in your life is only possible when you know yourself. It takes years to identify the characteristics or hidden personality traits. There are many other card tests to know yourself and can work to dynamize yourself. Here we have brought an interesting Tarot Cards Test through which we will tell about your inner secret personality traits.

taror cards test

Here are four cards portraying different types of personalities. Pic one card and see what cards have to say about your personality in general.

Card 1


Tarot Cards Test

If this is your pick, then you prefer to live in your own world. You do not let others interfere in your life or matters related to you in particular. Be it your family life, live life or professional life. You do this to protect your self from the evil eye of others. You may seem suspicious to others.

Card 2



If you have selected this card then, you invest a lot of time in implementing a plan or invest in your professional life or personal life. Before making a decision or taking an action, you tend to observe and analyse a lot. Be it getting into a relationship or selecting a partner for marriage or accepting a job offer or investing in your own business. There is no harm in observing minutely before taking an action but make sure you do not waste a lot of time, as it can result in delay or the thing may get out of your league.

Card 3



You are master of your own life and know what is good for you and what is not. You change the situation as per your will by taking an action for or against the situation. Whatever action you take regarding your life it will turn out to be beneficial for you. You consider yourself to be as powerful as a ruler.

Card 4



You tend to make a lot of contacts and benefit from them. Your contacts help you achieve a lot in life. You are emotionally stable and down-to-earth. You may help people by guiding them towards their desired goal. You Patiently listen to others and understand them well which makes you a good listener.

Jeevika Sharma
Tarot Card Reader and a Guidance Counsellor.

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