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Which country has the most spectacular view from outer space?

Can you pick up your brush of imagination and paint an image of how our outer space looks? Yes, it is quite a pleasing and absorbing imagination. We see the perfect consolidation of beauty and mystery in space, and the charming blackness of the space in-between the glittering stars or planets. We can precisely interpret the space visible to us, though we are exposed only to a small part of it from our planet. But a hair-raising thing to think about is how our descent little Earth would appear if some astronaut or satellite tries to visualize from outer space? Well, in such a scenario, a genuine query may enter a human mind and that is, which country has the most spectacular view from outer space? 

When it comes to having a spectacular view from space, the best views are usually had from the International Space Station, which orbits around the earth in a LEO (Low Earth Orbit). Here we have listed the countries with the most spectacular view from the outer space.


After thorough analysis and discoveries, the maximum number of individuals articulated that Bahamas, a country in the Caribbean, has the most spectacular view from outer space. As an island country, Bahamas is enveloped by glassy, calm water of the West Atlantic Ocean which is perhaps acting as a bosom friend and helping Bahamas to have a blissfully picturesque image for everyone. Brownish or some pink colored soft soil particles are also something uniquely beautiful to witness there. The perfect blueness of ocean and sky combines to form a picture worth admiring. This is the basic description of how the country appears right before our eyeballs, but we are still pondering over our curiosity about how exactly the country looks like from outer space? 

For data, we have an image of 2018, taken by a satellite that displays the graceful night in the Bahamas from space where due to the different country lights, it appears as if a billion mini stars are packaged together in an irregular shaped box and kept in a store. At some places, the lights are dim, and somewhere they are shining brightly. It is more like a variety of bulbs that we see at a bulb shop.

 Chris Hadfield, an astronaut, took some really attractive pictures of the Bahamas from the space station in 2013. It is an image that feels like an artist is checking and scrutinizing every single shade of the color blue, turquoise, peacock blue, teal blue and so forth; all the shades united in a frame like a happy family of the color blue. The contrasting imagery of white clouds and blue ocean also gives a sense of calmness. Other than Chris Hadfield, we have Scott Kelly, former NASA astronaut who clicked pictures of the Bahamas from the space station, and also stated, it is “the most beautiful place in space.” The image shows a number of beautiful particles shining brightly scattered everywhere near the ocean, giving us a magical moment to imagine.

2. Himalayas:

Himalayan mountains can be considered as one of the most fascinating images that one can imagine, but do you know how they appear when someone looks from space? It is the most magical sight to witness, as there are a few examples. According to an astronaut who clicked wonderful pictures of the Himalayas in December 2017, where we find our planet’s highest peaks from the space station. The white scattered snow on the peaks appears as if they are covered in white sheets. He clicked the picture and made it visible to the common public so that they can also observe and analyze such an astounding view. The beautiful snowfall at the peaks of the Himalayas during winter are the reason behind the view.  

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3. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia:

The largest reef system on Earth, gives a beautiful combination of beautiful colors and features when viewed from space. A natural habitat for more than six hundred different types and sizes of water creatures, from small fishes to giant whales. One can also discover corals there which are similar to plants inside water but are, in reality, tiny water animals rather similar to the species of jellyfish. An astronaut took a photograph in 2015 from the space station, where we can easily discover reefs of blue color in the eternal beauty of water. 

4. The Grand Canyon, USA:

An image was taken from the space station in 2014 which clearly shows how slicing and divisions are visible through Kaibab Plateau, a crucial part of Colorado Plateau of Arizona. From the image, we can also see forested portions on both visible sides of the canyon; these sides are North Rims and South Rims. Only the South Rim alone has more than ninety percent of millions of tourists or visitors who visit the place. In-between these two rims, there are various layers of limestone, sandstone and so on. A clear picture of mesmerizing beauty of The Grand Canyon here leaves us startled with open mouths. 

Therefore, we can conclude our topic by highlighting the truth that our space, universe and planet have mystic energies. The side of the Earth that appears in front of our eyes is undoubtedly stunning, but from the above described examples and instances, we discovered that the beauty of our planet is eternal and has numerous sides to look at. These are the perfect epitome of beauty from outer space.

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