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10 Tips to Improve Customer Experience in Your Physical Shopping Store

Businesses are now slowly recovering from their revenue loss due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many physical stores are starting to resume operations to hopefully assist customers and compensate for their loss. Although they are operating now, authorities still advise them to observe proper health measures in their stores. 

However, health protocols inside your shopping store should not hinder you from making your customers happy. You always have many ways to boost their shopping experience and to let them purchase from you more. Improved customer experience creates an impression that you know how to value them. 

To know how to effectively enhance customer experience, here is a list of tips we compiled for you:

1. Provide Customers with a Unique Experience

A unique customer experience should be something that they could not forget about your shopping store. It can be that you are giving freebies to each customer, like free pocket hand sanitizers. You can also give them tips and advice about your products.

The best way to know how you can better assist them is to analyze their shopping process. Based on your evaluation, look for a way to create a unique experience for them in your store. If they leave your store happily, that sets your business apart from the competition.

2. Train Your Staff Well

Your employees play a crucial role in the success of your shopping store. They are key to making your customers happy and satisfied. Make sure they know how to handle different types of customers well.

It is also important that they display willingness to help customers in finding what customers are looking for. Tell them about your business goals, so they know how to help you. Train them in the best way you can.

3. Make Your Shopping Store Kid-Friendly

Even if your shopping store is not for kids, it is important to make it children-friendly as well. When your customers’ kids are having fun, your customers will also have fun. This makes them stay longer in your store and buy your products.

Have an area in your shopping store for kids. You can place crayons, TV for kids, or a chalkboard there. Think about anything that children will like doing. If your employees are friendly to them, then customers will have a great impression of your store.

4. Make Your Service Quick

Time is precious for your customers, and you have to understand this. You do not want your customers to feel frustrated because they waited for hours, right? Therefore, you need to achieve a system that makes the process quick.

If you think you need to change something in your system to speed it up, do it. Let your staff make recommendations to customers, so your customers can choose items quickly. 

5. Reward Your Staff

It is always essential to recognize the efforts made by your staff. This keeps them motivated to help you with your store. Rewarding them can also make them feel valued, so they value your business as well.

Have your employee of the month, and reward the employee during store hours. It makes them feel more valued when there are customers during the rewarding exercise. Your customers will also have the impression that you are valuing your staff. 

6. Provide Giveaways to a Certain Purchased Amount

When your customers reach a certain amount or purchase, it is nice to reward them with a giveaway. It is a way of thanking them for appreciating your items. This is a sure way of making them happy and buy more from your shopping store.  

If they purchase clothes, for example, you can offer them a customized t-shirt of your store. A customized giveaway is a great promotional material for your brand. 

7. Move Product Locations

Loyal customers always have a favorite in your shopping store. Most of the time, they remember their favorite items’ location in your store. So, they usually rush to that location when they enter your shop.

This can mean two things. It is good because they feel the excitement for your items. It also means a missed opportunity for them to explore your other products. 

To end this scenario, try shifting your products’ locations. This way, customers get to explore your other new items that they may like.

8. Improve Your Shopping Store’s Appearance

Appearance is one major factor in building an impressive brand image. When people can visualize your store nicely, it creates a remarkable memory in their minds. They would also like to remember your store whenever something reminds them of your brand.   

There are many things you can do to improve your shopping store’s looks. One unique way to do it is to beef up your shopping store’s lighting. Good and colorful lighting is attractive to many people’s eyes. You can achieve this by using LED neon flex. 

One great manufacturer for this is They offer different LED neon lights in varying colors that you can select. They manufacture quality products geared towards optimum performance.

9. Play Music

Yes, music lightens up the mood in your shopping store. It also builds a culture that is unique for your store.

Create a playlist that you can play every day, which can significantly change the shopping experience of your customers. It is also important that the sound quality is excellent, so it is more engaging to listen.

10. Give Importance to the Details in Your Store

Simple things in your store can make a difference in your customer’s experience. Outdated signage and cleanliness are a few of these details. If you have an outdated signage, your credibility as a brand is at risk. People will doubt if you know what you are doing. Make sure to check each of these details regularly to ensure quality for your brand.


Improving customer experience is a great way to boost your marketing efforts. After all, your customers can make or break your business. It is only reasonable to focus on making them happy and satisfied with your products and services. So, apply these tips to your shopping store now and make your customers feel special! 

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