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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Hold On To Throughout 2020 And Beyond

In recent times, cryptocurrencies are getting top headlines because of two factors; one is for increasing the market base and profit rate, and another is acceptance from the governments in various countries.

Investors are now switching over various cryptos for making more profit and to stabilize the price structure of the crypto market. You can go and find more related news about crypto investment.  You can find a plethora of cryptos in this time where you can invest like :

In 2009, the formal debut of crypto in the name of Bitcoin gained popularity. The technology behind crypto has also gained a wide sensation among tech enthusiasts. Therefore, within a few years, there are multiple players have entered the market. 

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies That Will Dominate In 2022

Let’s discuss the most popular five cryptocurrencies that have gained a wide investor base in recent times. 

# 1: Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin image

In the wake of the global financial crisis, the need for a secure currency has been observed. Thus, in 2009, the official launch of Bitcoin changed the perception of the traditional currency system. This currency is not regulated by one central source. 

Rather, the currency is regulated through the blockchain system where the coin miners verify each block of the system, after any transaction. This is the first digital currency, which has been in circulation at a very low pace till the year 2017. 

  • After the year 2017, Bitcoin broke all records and gained popularity among investors. 
  • The price of bitcoin fluctuated from its inception to the year 2017 due to a lack of sensation about digital currencies. 
  • Now, this crypto is the top-selling and the highest profit maker in the crypto market. 

Interestingly, the total number of bitcoins is limited thus most people are buying this crypto in fractions. The huge popularity of this crypto over the years has increased its price. Added to that, the scarcity of bitcoin also helped it to maintain a price over these years. 

# 2: Tether (USDT)

Tether image

To compete with cryptocurrencies, a new version of cryptocurrency, which is backed by a fiat currency, is launched. Tether is popular crypto, which is mostly used as a medium to convert dollars to crypto before investment. However, like other cryptos, this currency also uses the blockchain system. 

  • The value of this crypto is stable, which is $1. Such crypto is also known asstable coin. 
  • This crypto is associated with a dollar value. This crypto uses the dollar as an asset to set the value. Therefore, with the little changes in the dollar, the value of the tether fluctuates. 
  • This crypto also acts as a method or medium to enter the crypto market. Investors first convert their money into a tether and then use a tether to purchase other cryptos. 

Using a tether is far safer than any other cryptos. The value of the tether is stable because of dollar backing. Tether is an ideal financial investment asset, especially for foreign investors who are interested in dealing in the USA market. 

# 3: Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum image

Ethereum is the name that comes right after Bitcoin. This crypto successfully established its name as an alternative to Bitcoin. In bitcoins, you can send and receive coins through a peer-to-peer network channel. But, in Ethereum, you can do a lot more things than just one network. 

  • The vision of Ethereum is completely different from Bitcoin or any other cryptos. The main aim of Ethereum is to develop a crypto community. 
  • The procedure of using Ethereum you can perform through the decentralized application, not necessarily the computers. 

# 4: Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance coin

Binance Coin is a popular medium of exchange of crypto. But you can easily purchase goods and services from this crypto as the network of this crypto becomes stronger now. This crypto is popularly used in making payments. 

# 5: Dogecoin (DOGE) 

Dogecoin image

Unlike any other cryptocurrencies, there is no cap on the issuance of Dogecoin. Rather, you can use this crypto for any payment and you can generate more coins as well. The idea behind this crypto was a joke but today this coin is reaching heights. 


In a nutshell, you can get alternative coins for investment but you should ensure that the growth is there. Before the year 2025, the market of crypto will reach its highest place.

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