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Top 10 most weird restaurants around the world

Weird isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, it is an innate expression of human creativity and these cafes from all across the globe can prove this point right. Here is a list of 8 most weird restaurants around the world which you must check out in 2019.

1. Modern Toilet, Taiwan

This restaurant is toilet themed and is on the top of the list of the weirdest restaurants in the world.  When you enter, you are made to sit on covered toilet seats and served in dishes that are in shape of the toilet bowls. The walls are tiled and the lights are in the shape of feces. This unique theme of the restaurant caught people’s attention not necessarily in a bad way.

weird restaurants

2. Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

In this restaurant, the customers are photographed, given inmate number tags, handcuffed and made to eat in a prison cell. They are served by waiters dressed in black and white striped uniforms. Very weird indeed!

weird restaurants

3. Dinner in the sky, Belgium

This restaurant is for people who enjoy heights and would like to sit on chairs on a platform suspended from the crane and have a meal very different from the other meals they have had. Yes, this is what happens in this chain of restaurants, while a few of their dishes are cooked in the center of the platform.

weird restaurants

4. Mars Restaurant, New York

This restaurant in New York gives the space and science fiction lovers a chance to experience a meal as if on another planet. It is an out of the world experience.

weird restaurants

5. Ninja, New York

Here the clienteles are taken through a dark tunnel with ninjas lurking in the shadows and are made to sit in a dungeon-like chamber with the ninja waiters performing tricks like setting the sauces on fire.

weird restaurants

6. Calico cat cafe, Tokyo

This café is not known for its food or its ambiance. It is just knwn for the cats that give you company while you have your everyday cup of coffee. The customers are given a bad of dry cat food to attract their cat companion.

weird restaurants

7. Dining in the dark restaurant, Beijing

In this restaurant, the visitors are made to sit at their tables in the dark and are made to eat their food in the dark. They experience only the taste and the smell of the food to enhance the flavor of the food along with their experience.

weird restaurants

8. Club Count Dracula, Bucharest

This spookily decorated restaurant does not just have hands sticking out of the walls and other such gothic props but also has an actor coming in once in a while pretending to be Dracula. This definitely makes the meal a very interesting one.

weird restaurants

9. H.R. Giger Bar, Switzerland

This bar is themed and modeled by Swiss artist famous for his work in the movie Alien, H.R Giger. If you like Alien you will love this bar – everything in it is taken from the movie set – the chairs with spinal chords, the walls and ceiling build like the spaceship from the movie, it’s vicinity to the Geiger Museum

weird restaurants

10. Disaster Café, Spain

This café gives its customers an experience of eating a meal during an earthquake by simply simulating one measuring 7.8 on the Richard scale. The plates and glasses are made heavy to stay on the table and the staff  wear safety gears to add on to the thrill of the experience.

weird restaurants

Which is the best themed restaurant around the world? Let us know in the comments section.

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