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For video makers, whether you are an amateur, breaking into the pro market or a full-blown pro, having your audience focus on the content rather than the video techniques used will mean that you need a good video tripod.  Buying a great camera stand is not really even a choice but rather a necessity to be able to produce excellent quality content.

A video tripod allows you to pan and tilt more efficiently and will allow shake free video content. This will result in capturing the moments in the high quality. In today’s YouTube world where everyone is a videographer of sorts, the high quality is much appreciated.

Great, but I am sure you are all wondering what the best video tripods are to produce flawless content.The internet has made it much easier for the end user to get what they want, but few sites actually provide authentic unbiased information. Also, getting a video tripod according to the work kind can be a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to provide authentic, unbiased information based on your exact needs.

Now that we have established that having a video tripod is required to produce the best quality content, we should also mention that the ball head, along with video camera plays as much of a vital role. If the ball head attached to the video tripod is not efficient then it would not be possible to take good shots or transitions and if the camera is substandard, the quality will also the substandard. It is therefore vitally important that a video maker must always keep in mind that while buying a professional video tripod, the quality of the other equipment must also be taken into account.

Let’s dive into the review;

Best Quality That Is Affordable

Video tripods

The ESDDI Camera Tripod comes up tops as one of the best sellers’ for video tripods. With amazing feedback from the customers and the low price, as well as it’s awesome specs, this is truly a special tripod.

This professional DSLR video tripod is best for traveling and professional shoots. Its features mean that it is in major demand. We have highlighted some of its best features below;

With a weight of only 1.2kgs, this tripod is pretty light for the weight it handles. It can carry up to 5 kilograms of camera equipment. Ergonomically, the travelling handle makes it easy to transport. It comes with a 3 way head which allows shooting at every angle possible along with 360 degree swivel function.

The ESDDI all attachment of a friction sensitive flexible ball joint that can help in achieving the perfect position. Best known for its versatility by providing the quick release plate which enables fast transitions this tripod is compatible with most digital cameras, video cameras, GoPro devices, smartphones, and adapter. Finally, the Flip locks this tripod has can help in quick adjustments and can extend up from 18.5” to 55”.

The Lightweight

Video tripods

The Mactrem PT55 Travel Camera Tripod is widely considered to be the best lightweight aluminum tripod for video camera equipment, but don’t let it’s lightweight distract you. This tripod is capable of holding some pretty heavy DSLR and SLR cameras with no difficulty. Moreover, its composition makes it incredibly durable, even in the toughest terrains. But let’s delve into some of its other features.

Price point. For value for money, this tripod cannot be beaten and with customer feedback raving about the great quality, it’s a sure bet. This is a high-quality video tripod; its composition is of aluminum alloy tubing and engineering plastic which is what makes it conveniently light in weight. At only 2.6lbs, this piece of equipment can hold up to 11lbs of your camera equipment. Add to that is it is compact and can be stored in a carrying bag which comes along with it without any hassle. With a universal quick release plate, enabling you to attach and detach the camera in no time, this tripod has a 3-way head which allows a 360 degrees swivel function and has a double holder for optional pan head. It has 4-sectioned lever locks legs which allow adjusting the tripod in seconds even on rough and uneven surfaces. It has center gear and rubber feet enable stability at different kind of surfaces.

All in all, for a price point bargain hunter, you really are not going to do any better than this beauty.

Let’s Talk Heavy Duty

Video tripods

The Cayer 64 Inch BV30-Camcorder Tripod is one of the best heavy-duty tripods on the market today. With its ability to function efficiently, it has been ranked as the bestselling video tripod for DSLR cameras. From its composition to its functions it does not disappoint the end user at all. That is the reason it has been preferred by several professional video makers for many years.

Deciding whether this tripod is worth the investment is a tricky one, because it is exactly that, an investment. With quite a steep price tag, the Cayer does offer some pretty great features though.  This professional video tripod has the ability to hold up weight up to 13lbs which is not to be mocked, moreover, it comes with two-way fluid head with fixed counterbalance. As if that wasn’t enough, this beauty also offers 360-degree panning, +90-degrees/ -70-degrees tilt which is integrated flat base with 3/8”-16 thread. It comes with a quick release plate which offers a sliding range of +20/-25mm enabling traveling abilities. But we’re not done yet, this magnificent tripod has two lock rubber locks with a built-in 75 mm bowl and a mid-level spreader which provides more stability. With a height range of 30.2” to 64”’s you will have more than adequate range for the perfect video quality. Probably the biggest selling point that justifies the hefty price tag is that the Cayer comes with an 8 years warranty. Moreover, it has the tendency to hold up weight up to 13.2 lbs.

There you have its folks, hopefully we have assisted a little in making your decision. Happy filming.

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