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How to Produce a Video: Main Steps

A successful and catchy video is a puzzle with tons of little pieces you need to put together. That’s why the process of creating video content consists of so many steps. And each of them requires special attention.

The main stages include pre-production, production, and post-production. Let’s break them down into phases and see what lies behind filmmaking. Here are online sites for converting youtube videos into MP3.


This stage refers to every task that needs to be done before you press the record button. Basically, this is where you plan the entire process ahead. Here are the issues you’ll need to deal with during pre-production.

Set your budget

You can’t start shooting if you don’t know how much the process will cost. Having a budget plan, you’ll get a better idea of what features you can implement in the future video.

Work on a script

Once the budget is set, it’s time to outline a script. Most likely, it will go through some minor edits during production.

Create a storyboard

To make your job easier during the next stage, consider creating a storyboard based on the script. It will allow you to visualize the video before it’s even produced.

Find a perfect location

Next step is location scouting. When choosing a spot, consider a few details, like how far it’s located, whether or not you need permission to shoot there, and if it’s logical to shoot in this location.

Determine what tools you need

Depending on the script and location, you may require some additional equipment besides a camera and a microphone. The list of tools might include lighting, tripods, chroma key, and even a generator.

Get the necessary permits (if needed)

If you plan to shoot in a park or mall, for example, be sure to obtain permission.

Cast a crew (if needed)

The quality of your video will get a significant boost with a talented crew and professional actors.

Plan a schedule

To make sure that the filming process goes fast smoothly, create a schedule for the next stage.

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By the time you begin shooting, every aspect of the process should already be planned. Naturally, there are still a lot of details to take into account.


The lights

It can take hours to set the lights up in the right way. Some shots may require different lighting, even if the location hasn’t been changed.

The camera

Maybe, a simple tripod will be enough, and maybe, you’ll need to build a whole crane for more specific shots.

The actors

To achieve the result you expect, you might need to direct the actors. Sometimes, a good shot requires several takes.


It’s here that you piece the footage together, add visual effects, graphics, voiceovers, and so on. Here are the steps you’ll go through during post-production.

Video editing

This step is crucial and takes a lot of time and patience. Watching through all the material and cutting it can take days. Here are best free video editing softwares you can use to edit your video.

Sound editing

Make sure that the sound is clear and matches the video. Add sound effects if needed. Even a blockbuster can be destroyed by low-quality sound.

Voiceover recording

After editing and mixing the sound, you can record voiceovers.

Special effects

If the budget allows for creating high-quality special effects be sure to add some.

Graphics adding

Once every sound and visual effect is in place, you can the text and graphics you need.

Coloring (if needed)

In addition, you can browse through the video and check if the colors in it look rich and natural.

Bottom Line

The process of producing a video is pretty elaborate. Apart from learning its basics, you’ll also need to master various filmmaking skills, which may not be convenient and efficient if self-education doesn’t fit into your timetable at the moment. But if you need a professionally made video ASAP, there’s a better solution.


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