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4 travel hacks to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

What are must know Travel Hacks so that you will never regret while Travelling? Avoid these things and your journey will be all perfect! Travelling is everybody’s favourite. What could be a better way to spend your summer break than to go on a family trip to a cool destination! or what could be a better stress buster than to go on a weekend trip with your gang. But it is often believed that travelling involves a lot of preparation-what to carry? how to go? which places to visit? Where to stay? Etc. You could make your travel stress free and more joyful using these simple hacks.

Get rid of motion sickness-Most irritating thing that you could face as a traveller is the “Motion sickness”, which ends up spoiling our mood and gets us into the mode of wanting to go back home. You could avoid motion sickness with acupressure, place your three fingers on your opposite wrist and check for pressure point and gently rotate your thumb finger in a circular motion on the pressure point. This could get you rid of your moving sickness, you could also use a pressure band if you find it difficult to continue pressing it manually for a long time.

1. Avoid jet lag

When you cross borders on travelling the basic trouble, you face is the time or jet lag issue wherein the internal clock fixed in your system is different from the geographical or the physical clock of your destination which disables you to make the most out of your precious time causing a difference in your sleep and hunger schedules and is also associated with symptoms like exhaustion and fatigue, headache, insomnia, dehydration, nausea, problems with coordination and memory. The best way to get off this problem is by doing some physical exercise or running. It is believed that this would help reset your body clock and reduce the symptoms of jet lag.

Here is a travel safety guide while being on the road.

2. Pack smartly

Travelling usually involves a lot of packing-clothes, accessories, bathing kits and many more and people often pile up 3 bags for 3 days! Which could be avoided by smart packing-say roll all your clothes rather than folding it, this could help you carry thrice the number of clothes you usually carry. This is an effective way of a package.

3. Charge your phone, without a plug-in point

Many times while travelling, we do not have the means to charge our phone that is there are no plug points around, in that case, you could charge your phone with the help of an electronic device like a laptop or a television using a USB cable. Well, it would be better if you could carry your portable charger or power bank with you.

4. Dummy Wallet

Most of the times, you would not prefer to visit the same place time and again rather you would wish to explore those that you have not previously been to. This is an amazing thing to do but at the same time, you need to be vigilant and alert. You are responsible for your own belongings. Hence, don’t let yourself be fooled or pick-pocketed. You could do so by carrying a “dummy wallet” which would look like a proper one from the outside but contains fake documents and cash on the inside also make sure to keep all your belongings in a safer place.

How do you prepare for travelling? Let us know in the comment section.

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