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Trendy & Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas for 2020

Whether you’re catching up with your friends for a cup of coffee or sitting in a business meeting on a new product idea, “green” is the buzzword you’d hear. Climate change, though still a contentious subject, is no longer a myth. It’s a reality permeating in all our lives.

If you wish to do your bit for the earth, we recommend you start with your home. Not only will it reflect planet-consciousness in your major decisions, but it will also make for a happier living.

Here are a few interior design ideas we’ve put together so that you can have a planet-friendly home.

Start with the bath

Our bathroom is the one spot that consumes most of the water. If you’re planning to modernize your bathrooms and are referring to the many interior design styles, then you should look at installing dual-flushing toilets that come with two separate flushes for liquid wastes and solid wastes. You can also include taps that have flow-restriction technology, such as motion sensors or push-down valves.

These fixtures not only allow for water conservation, but their stylish appearance also makes your bathroom look like it has come straight from a catalog of interior decorating ideas.

Repurpose your decor

Anytime is a good time to repurpose your decor. If you’re one of the artsy folks, we’re sure you must be spending considerable time on Pinterest, looking for new home décor ideas. And why not? With a few steps, it’s easy to give your home a brand-new look. Might we ask you to take a look at the repurposed furniture section? Reclaimed wood, upcycled furniture, repurposed décor are not only eco-friendly choices but also give your place a contemporary look. Restaurants and small boutiques regularly use upcycled or antique furniture to add more character to their space. No reason why you can’t use these to refurbish your home decor.

So, the next time your scouring for fresh interior design ideas here’s a tip – simply repurpose!

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Go green, literally.

Of all the interior decorating ideas, this is perhaps the most timeless one – use indoor plants. Using indoor plants to make your house look like a home is a tradition passed down through generations. In present times, it’s possible for you to not only acquire the popular ones like succulents, cast iron plants, money plants, but also the more exotic ones like bonsai trees, lucky bamboo, begonias and so on.

Indoor plants are good for the air in the house, they liven up the place and most importantly – they are one of the most pocket-friendly and eco-friendly home decor ideas.

Go natural with the lights

Using natural lighting as much as possible is not just eco-friendly, but also beneficial to your health. Our body’s internal circadian rhythm needs natural light to function at its best. That’s why, even commercial spaces today, when looking to redo their interior design styles, go for circadian systems that mimic natural lighting.

While this may not be feasible for you, you can always maximize the flow of natural light in your place with energy-efficient windows and doors. Floor-to-ceiling windows and skylight installations are also examples of home interior decor that are both economical and energy-saving.

Smarten up your home!

After all, smart homes are the future – the sooner you embrace it, the better, not just for you, but also for the earth. Smart home systems today are already employing energy-saving, eco-friendly techniques so that you can be a proud planet-conscious homeowner! Smart home systems come with occupancy sensors connected to your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. Air condition demands huge maintenance cost across the countries and hence you can check Air Conditioning Repair Denver CO. Not only can they detect and turn off these systems when there is nobody present in the home, but they can also regulate these to optimum levels leading to considerable energy saving.

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If you’re not sure of installing a complete smart home system, you can also look at introducing a few smart home devices– like smart thermostats, smart plugs, and smart valves – that help your appliances function in energy-saving modes.


While it’s a good idea to think of what works well for our individual homes, it’s also our responsibility to think of the larger, collective home – the planet earth. At ContractorBhai, we too believe that it’s each and everyone’s duty to make whatever changes – big or small – to leave the earth a little better than we found it.

And that’s why at ContractorBhai, we combine intuitive and creative ideas for interior decor for our clients with eco-friendly practices so that we fulfill our first obligation – to build a better, more beautiful world.

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