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6 essential Whatsapp tricks which will make you trendsetter!

Hey, trendsetters! are you looking for new smart tricks in WhatsApp for shining out among your friends and family? trin trin! Get ready to learn 6 most essential Whatsapp tricks of the year with a piece of choice message  lock(for a long recording of voice messages

1. Voice message  lock(for a long recording of voice messages)

Now with advancement in Whatsapp for better and easy user experience, WhatsApp had modified its voice message sharing option by locking it through raising the bar until your recording completes and sharing to the desired user rather than holding and pressing for too long.


    • open chat option in WhatsApp .select contact number then click on microphone symbol at the bottom(left side)
    • slide it upward and record whatever you want and send it trouble-free in seconds.


2. Live location sharing

In world full of places, travelling.sometimes its need to share exact locations of yours to your dear ones .specially for girls in the present scenario of rising crimes against girls and at chances of being unknown to places. WhatsApp excellent option of sharing live location can be a helping tool.


    • open your Whatsapp account .select user for sharing. click on attachment option at the bottom in white location .now you can share your live location. or you can also set it on sharing for 15minutes,1hour, 8-hour continuous tracking your location live.


3. Archive chats or hide chats

though Whatsapp does not offer any great tool for hiding your chats but have launched an alternative solution for this problem by launching an archive feature.

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  • this feature lets you hide your chats or group chats from an unknown source by archiving it. for this firstly, select chat for archiving then press long for the top you will behold a down arrow option (archive option) select it and yippee! you are done, sweethearts.

Here is a complete guide on How to install windows on your system.

4. Forwarded messages

In a bunch of messages it’s extremely brain heating task to identify fake or real messages in your chatbox.for this WhatsApp has put on new feature warning people about its authenticity through labelling messages forwarded.


  • to check on, you just only need to glance at top of a message with faded greyish colour it is written now you can easily categorise messages which in its originality

Features that are in beta test version:

5. Admin controls

A new feature has really handed super cum needy powers to admins of groups by allowing them to set actions in a group. by allowing only themselves to message in a group and no one else can reply or message over that group platform.

promoting secondary admins by primary admin will ensure uniformity in cases of malfunctions by other admins of the group. this current in the testing feature will cook major changes in controlling groups functionality.

6. Group video and audio calls:

Connecting to your friends together at distances. Is’nt it sounds exciting? now we can connect to our friend’s in a group of four through audio or video call and can pop out fun, craziness all by being far to each other.all thanks to WhatsApp development team for embedding such useful feature of WhatsApp audio/video call.

 Surely these tricks are going to take you at another level  of  chit-chatting on whatsapp. Have fun in trying out all these amazing, handy, amusement flushing tricks.

Did we miss out on any more important and unknown watsapp tricks? Do let us know in the comment section.

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