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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Health?

A good night’s sleep is essential to maintain a good health. There are various factors that contribute to it like having a sleep routine, creating a good sleep environment and having the best mattress to sleep on. Choosing a mattress that suits your health is not an easy task as it is dependent on many requirements. There are a few things to consider when choosing the type of mattresses that helps a healthy sleep.

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Type of materials:

Carefully consider the type of material that the mattress is made of before buying one. Since you will be spending 6 to 8 hours every night on the bed, it is best to choose a natural material. Avoid mattresses that contain polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDE’s as they are toxic. A mattress made of natural materials will contain a wool layer of kevlar flame which is non-toxic. Enquire about the flame retardant and moreover, even organic materials like wool are often mixed with synthetic fibers which can be toxic. There are many mattress companies which customize and build it without any flame retardant. It is essential for you to sleep on non-toxic materials as the body can then work on revitalizing and rejuvenating instead of fighting the toxic chemicals. That way you will wake up well rested and ready for the day. Confused about sleep or nap which one is better? Read and find out.

Does it help in blood circulation?

The best memory foam mattress is one which gives you a comfortable sleep not just for a few minutes but for the whole night of 8 hours. For a restful night, it is essential that there is proper blood circulation, but it is often ignored. Improper blood circulation will not help you get a good sleep; instead, you will end up turning and tossing in the bed. Due to improper blood circulation, you will wake up often to change position, which disrupts your sleep, especially if you are a light sleeper. This will leave you drowsy and tired the next day. Hence, it is essential that you find a mattress that allows proper blood circulation by providing proper support and gives relief from pressure points.

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Does it provide good support?

The best king size mattress in town will not provide enough good support if it is a spring mattress as it is made of low-quality materials. Because of the low quality of the materials, it can cause many health issues as it does not provide enough support and also puts pressure on the joints. Moreover, the spring mattress losses its support after a few years of use. Instead of a spring mattress, opt for organic and latex materials which are durable and is non-toxic which simply means that it is free of allergens. They do not provide enough support to the body and reduce pressure points. But the best material is the memory foam as it provides support to the body.

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A handy tip while buying a mattress is that if you buy a bed made of natural material like wool, make sure that the layer of wool is washable and easily removable. Wool can act as a breeding ground for allergens like dust mites and thus become a major health hazard for people who suffer from allergies.

The main attributes of a quality mattress are that it promotes good health. A bed should enable you to sleep without any disturbance, relieves pressure points, provide support to the entire body and offers a good curvature for your heels, shoulders, head, and neck. Look for a brand like WakeFit which supports the overall health of the person as it combines all the attributes that make for a great mattress.

Do you know any other good health benefits of a mattress or any tip on how to choose the best mattress, let us know in the comment section.

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