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Why You Should Use A Soft Cup Type Of Menstrual Cup?

If you plan to use a menstrual cup, you should know all about it and what are its types. Know which cups are going to work perfectly for you. Most women who use a menstrual cup for so long use the hard kind of a cup but if it’s your first time to use it, then soft cup type is the best for you.

Daisy Cup is a smooth menstrual cup that is best rated. It is made of silicone medical grade and is designed for a better period experience. Let us know more about why a soft menstrual cup should be used.

Why Should You Choose Soft Type Of Cup?

There are a lot of reasons why many women are using a softer type of cup. Though it is very soft, most people find it easier to insert and remove and less leak. Aside from that, it also pops open easily, and it suctions very well inside the vagina wall.

Many women are finding it messy while removing the cup but softy type of cup will give you the convenience of breaking the seal, and if you are a beginner, this will be your friend during menstruation because it does not require a lot wiggling while adjusting it.

The most beneficial advantage of using a soft type cup is that it is very comfortable to wear and you are not going to feel that you put something inside your vagina, the lesser you will feel that you are on your menstruation. Because it does not press too much against your bladder and vaginal canal, it allows you to feel free from discomforts and very unlikely to cause cramps.

Consider The Disadvantages Of Using Stiff Cup

Despite the many advantages of using this kind of menstrual cup, there will always be significant disadvantages that you can work on or maybe not. Upon wearing it, you will really feel that you are using a cup and feeling the discomfort of wearing it is normal.

Especially if you are using a menstrual cup that is not according to your size, which depends on the positioning of your cervix. Other menstrual cups are too long or short and too large in diameter. Beware of these cups because there are a lot of different sizes that are sold out there.

Using a too long cup will push up against your cervix and can cause you to feel cramps or excessive pain during menstruation. If the cup is vast then it can push to your vaginal canal muscles and can go anywhere inside your vagina which is dangerous, however, there are no serious worries about this because you can always get it from the inside.  

Stiff menstrual cups can also be more challenging when inserting into the right location because they need to pop open and suction against your vaginal walls. This just doesn’t seem to occur so readily for some individuals. Removal can also be a bit harder due to this super-suction that often creates stiff cups. Some people find a stiff cup more comfortable to insert, while others find it challenging to insert. It’s up to your body!

How To Choose The Best Soft Menstrual Cup?

If you are curious about using soft menstrual cups, then make sure know what the important tips to remember in choosing the right cup are. You must read honest reviews of the product from their website or online store reviews about their experience of wearing it.

Do not be deceived with the price and how it looks, manufacturer of these menstrual cups will surely work better on that to make you buy their product. If you know someone who is using a soft menstrual cup, ask for pieces of advice and tips. The most important tip will be to try and learn from it.


As a woman, we should embrace the fact that menstruation is a normal event for us. That is why we must invest in menstrual products like hygienic menstrual cups that will help you to manage your period. Do not be afraid to try what is new until you will find the right cup for you. To choose the right cup, know your menstrual cycle and flow, the placing of your cervix and your preference if it is soft or stiff. Observe every change in your body and how you feel.

However, we cannot always get a perfect cup, and there will be no perfect cup for you because you will really feel slight discomforts or experience leaks at least once in a year of using it. So stop yourself from looking for the perfect cup only the right cup for your menstrual needs.


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