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What is Stress and some fruitful ways to cope with it

What is a stress?

Stress is a reality of life. We are constantly surrounded by it, be it at work, home or personal lives. It is an activity that takes place in reaction to conditions or circumstances that shatter or pressurize to shatter, our physical and psychological functioning. Our bodies respond to the outcome of stress in the form of three different levels which are :

  • Panic
  • Combat
  • Fatigue

What are stressors ?

Stressors can be defined as a crucial life events. It can differ from individual to individual, as a particular individual will interpret an event as stressful while another may take it sportively. Stressors come across as a great stimulator of stress. It can result when there is :

  • Death in the family
  • Separation 
  • Miscarriage
  • Sacked from a job
  • Wedding
  • Sleep disturbances 
  • Children shifting for higher education 
  • Holidays
  • New residency 
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Body and Mind’s answer to stress 

When we encounter stress our body reacts to this event through fight- flight syndrome, which means we either run away from the circumstance or proceed to withstand it.The sympathetic nervous system are responsible for activating this response in the brain. Our cognitive appraisals sends us two types of stimulation:

  • Acknowledging a danger or harm to have occurred for one’s own betterment.
  • Understands that he/she can efficiently cope with it when implemented victoriously.
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Stress is a silent killer

Stress has an ability to deteriorate our life and make it a living hell. It plays the title role in 50 to 70% in all physical illness. Stress is reported to gift various cardiovascular diseases, Erectile dysfunction, diabetes and mental illness. Stress evacuates our devices by making it unstable physically and goes on to perturb our systematic inner correspondence.

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Reluctance to stress on positive VS negative people

  • Positive people cure themselves quickly and jump out of the stress, while negative people become vulnerable to it and find it extremely strenuous even at minor degrees of stress.
  • As positive people remain intact on beautiful outgrowths, they are more stress-resistant as compared to negative people.
  • Positive and negative people undertake different schemes to fight stress, like positive people concentrate on preparing and executing the plans for dealing with stress. On the other hand negative people accept defeat and decide to give up on their wishes with which the stress is meddling.
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Effective tricks to handle stress

As stress takes birth due to innumerable elements and circumstances, there is no likelihood of permanently destroying it. But we can certainly make use of some potent tactics to lessen its prospective unhealthy influence on us.

  • Make a list of plans you wish to achieve everyday.
  • Volunteer to take up the most difficult task first followed by the easier one.
  • Devise your work schedule to make the best of your talents and time when you have the “flow of thoughts”.
  • Plan the number of hours in advance when you can work without any disturbance or interference.
  • Always remain ready for unpredictable changes in your goals so that you can efficiently manage unanticipated episodes.
  • Mark a time in your calendar for extra curricular activities or hobbies like swimming, dancing, gyming and walking.
  • Set aside a day or two in a week to indulge in leisure time like holidaying and partying, as one needs a halt from their job and home duties. 
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