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Life could be fun and joyful, but certainly not a cake-walk. All of us have our own share of tensions as well as a burden, battling with many things in life. As a student you might be struggling with tonnes of assignments, examinations and of course seeking the answer to the question what next? Or as an adult, you could be struggling to reach your week’s targets or bored with your monotonous lives. Thus, it becomes very important to take a break once in a while. Take a break to travel and explore, go on a road trip alone or with a group of friends. This will help you forget all your sorrows for a few days helping you live your life to the fullest and be your medicine. Here, we suggest to you best travel android apps which you ought to install as a traveler to have a memorable trip in 2019.


Best travel android apps

This hour, minute and second of the day would never come back again but, you could re-live these memories with VOLO. You may be wondering how? You could do so by encapsulating all your memories of travel tours-moments that ought to be cherished forever through VOLO. It is an app which keeps all your experiences and moments alive with words and photographs. It also enables you to mark destinations that you wish to remember. You could add it all photos, notes, locations just in one story. If you are travelling with a group of people you could also co-author a beautiful story and share it with your friends and let them know how amazing your tour has been and inspire them to travel too, and in case you are not ready to share the story with others don’t worry VOLO gives you your privacy, you could adjust your settings to your convenience.


Best travel android apps

Going for trips involve a lot of planning, planning where to go, which places to visit, mode of travel, where to stay, etc but trips are not just about stay or places to visit, it is also about food! You would definitely not like to miss out on renowned food or drink hubs on your trips. Foursquare city guide app helps you make a running to-do list of all the neighborhood hot spots. You could easily keep track of all the food/drink spots you have visited, or those that you need to visit. You could also discover the best experiences by people worldwide giving you tips. Do install this app add tastes, rate hot spots on your next trip.


Best travel android apps

Make your road trips livelier, using TUNEIN to get live updates of happening sports, up-to-the-point news by the trusted news ports like CNN, BBC, NDTV, etc. you could also listen to soothing commercial-free music on your road trips curated by leading edge, live mixes and music by special guests also, stream 1,00,000+ AM &FM radio stations from all around the world. Install TUNEIN for your incredible road trips and travel tours.


Best travel android apps

On our road trips, we often get confused about which road to take or which direction to go in, to reach the planned destination. Here We Go app makes your travel hassle-free by making your city navigation effortless with detailed routes, turn-by-turn guidance, and information about all possible ways of getting there. Also, you could also get to know the cab fares or public transit tickets find places to park and know about traffic delays with this app. Isn’t this cool? It also shows you alternative roads to take in case of traffic jam.


Best travel android apps

We often aim to have an incredible trip with the lowest possible expenditure. Skyscanner an award-winning and highly rated app helps you reach this aim. It searches and compares prices and lets you book your air tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals at the best prices. you could also find the best flight and travel deals by month and trip category.

Did you know any other top travel android apps which might be help to the user in 2019? Let us know in the comments section!

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