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Track Your Lost iPhone with 5 Amazing Applications!

The smartphone is the most important need to present age, and the biggest trouble one can face is when the iPhone is steal or is loose somewhere. Other than the loss of money, the more frightening part of losing your iPhone is that it may not utilizes for bad purposes. For this, there are many free cell phone tracker apps introduce in recent years to get people out of trouble when they lose their precious iPhone.

In this article, we are going to share with you a few options that you can use to get your iPhone back by tracking it. You may go through all of them, and dig out which one is of best use for you.


Cocospy is a free smartphone tracking application that is used by millions of people around the world and is recognized by the New York Times, iGeeksBlog, Toms Guide, and Digital Trends. This tracker is not only of great use for people who lose their smartphone but also for parents who want to keep track of their children activities on the phone. Currently, it is consider the most efficient tracking application for lost iPhones.

It has a built-in monitoring software that can efficiently and very effectively. The application is easy for you. You only have to download the application in the target device, and activate it to keep track of it. After doing this, you have to log in to your Cocospy account on another device, and by doing this, you can straightaway start tracking down everything done through that application.

Track Your Lost iPhone

Find my iPhone

This another tracking application, but the use is a little bit less effective and comfortable other than  Cocospy. It requires the user to go through a map to track down the location of the lost device. It has one better option that is ‘lost Mode,’ which when active, helps in locking. which iPhone that unable to find and also presents a custom message on the device. Moreover, it also displays the probable location of the device which can be tracked down very easily.

Just like other tracking applications, you have first to download and install Find my iPhone application in a phone. After this, you have to go to your setting section and activate the iCloud option. In this, you will find your Find my iPhone application. You will enable to see the current location of your device.

Track Your Lost iPhone
find my iphone

Find my Friends

This is yet another application that is organize by iPhone for users who lose their iPhone. It is also used to track down the friends and family members. It has some additional benefits over some of the other tracking applications.

The main trick that this application uses is even to allow your friends and family members help you get your lost iPhone. Using their own devices.

All you need to do is to download the application, accept the terms and conditions to use it. After that, you can finally install in your iPhone. After this, open your application, start adding your friends. When they accept your request, you can share your location with them. You can use the given map of application to see the location of your added friends and family members.

Track Your Lost iPhone
find my friend


This is another application for tracking steal or unable to find iPhones, but not very popular among masses. It has one big advantage over others, and that is its ability to track down many other devices from the same application. It can also store the previous locations of the phone where it utilizes in the past.

To use this application in your iPhone or iPad, you have to just install it on your phone. If you want you can make your legal account. You will get notifications about the location of the phone.

Also, it provides a map that locates the actual location of the phone ta a given time when you are searching for it.

Given above are some of the very popular tracking applications for people who own an iPhone. It is although not easy to stay in senses when you lose your expensive iPhone.

These applications, especially Cocospy will stand by your side to help you track down your phone.

Track Your Lost iPhone


track your iphone

Xnspy is a cell phone tracker that you could install on others’ phone. This allows you two things: (1) You can always know the whereabouts of your loved ones, like your children or spouse for safety purposes; (2) If they ever lose their cell phone, you can easily track it via Xnspy.

But why get a cell phone tracker when all Android devices already have their own lost phone tracking services? Well, there’s are plenty of reasons why people use mobile tracking software programs.

1. Xnspy is discreet, so it’s location tracking doesn’t incite the cell phone thief. And most of the times, whenever a cell phone is stolen, the thief always turns off such location services. However, with Xnspy on a phone, you could still track a stolen device.

2. Another major advantage of Xnspy is how it lets you control a lost device. For instance, if you are scared of losing your data to the wrong person, the application allows you to remotely wipe your device. And more importantly, you could even lock your lost device via Xnspy. And if that’s enough, you can also record your phone’s surroundings to figure out whom it’s lost to.

3. Cell phone tracking applications, like Xnspy, aren’t just about location tracking. You get so much more. You can monitor calls, emails, internet browsing history, multimedia, contacts, etc.

Do you know any other app to track your Lost iphone? Let us know in the comments section!

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