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Aarya Web Series 2020 – Star Cast, Synopsis & Full Review

“Aarya” is predicated on the Dutch series Penoza (meaning the underworld) Penoza told the story of Carmen, an Amsterdam woman a wife, a mother, and so a widow and a godmother who is forced to require over her husband’s business to pay off his various debts. If you would like to observe a movie that may leave you mesmerized and haunted, this is often the one. Web Series writers Sandeep Srivastava and Anu Singh Chaudhary have written the Aarya series by beating Hindustani curry leaves and cloves, cardamom, etc. within the already prepared spices.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Available On: Hotstar

Aarya Hotstar Review

Star Cast:  

  • Sushmita Sen – Aarya Sareen
  • Jagdish Rajpurohit – Bhairon Singh
  • Manish Chaudhary – Shekhawat
  • Vikas Kumar – ACP Khan
  • Priyasha Bhardwaj – Soundarya
  • Virti Vaghani – Arundathi Sareen
  • Viren Vazirani – Veer Sareen
  • Pratyaksh Panwar – Adi Sareen
  • Ankur Bhatia – Sangram
  • Alexx O’Nell – Bob Wilson
  • Richard Bhakti Klein – Larry Wilson
  • Namit Das – Jawahar
  • Sugandha Garg – Hina
  • Sohaila Kapoor – Rajeshwari
  • Jayan Kripalani – Zorawar
  • Maya Sarao – Maya
  • Flora Saini – Radhika
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan – Sampat
  • Nishank Verma – Ajay
  • Sikandar Kher – Daulat
  • Chandrachur Singh – Tej Sareen


Tej and Aarya Sareen have three children Veer, Arundhati, and Aditya. Tej who was imagined to take Adi to highschool drops the plans as his partners within the company Aaryasattava Pharmaceuticals Sangram and Jawahar call because of an emergency. Adi takes his father’s gun from his car without anyone’s knowledge and point it at the youngsters who were bullying him at his school. Meanwhile, Aarya visits her mother. During the visit, Aarya’s mother denies attending the wedding thanks to the girlfriend Aarya’s father has although she and Aarya’s father aren’t yet divorced. Aarya visits her father’s house and tells him to not bring his girlfriend, Radhika to the marriage as she wants her mother to attend the marriage. Sangram within the warehouse reveals he has taken three consignments of Heroin from their rivals and needs to sell them to which tej says no to, soon a shoot out takes place where they kill two of their rival gang members and Tej realize that and warns his partners that it’s not a decent idea to mess with the rivals. However, Sangram continues his exploration of the buying party for the heroine during the marriage. The principle from the varsity calls Aarya and tells her about the gun incident and calls her to the college. Aarya explains to Adi that violence isn’t the solution. Aarya and Tej have a fall out thanks to the gun incident with their son. Sangram when leaving bent take the sample to the buying party, is caught by ACP Khan with the heroine. Jawahar suspects Tej is behind the incident as he opposed the plan of selling Heroin. After the marriage festivities were done, Tej promises Aarya that he will determine an inspiration to induce themselves out of this mess. The next day while going out Tej was shot thrice at his house.


Since Sushmita Sen’s life has been a bit nawab, little English from the start, she doesn’t pay much attention to the readers of Hindi. they’re very keen on decorations made in English. She also talks quite these girls. She is that the heir to the globe of aura that’s a face from Botox. Tincture all the time. It doesn’t seem that his family is in trouble. She gives a glance like Kill Bill but she is strongly against letting her dress be stained.

Vikas Kumar’s performance is jarring here. Sikander Kher’s character may have faltered because the tuning deteriorated among the writers. This weakness is additionally with the director.

Namit Das, Jayant Kripalani leaves their impact. Sohaila Kapoor, Manish Chaudhary, and Alex O Neil also manage to impress. the matter is within the editing of the net series. The story starts getting flat as long stretches, it’s a matter of undeniable fact that the explanation for visiting the following episode is to go away every episode at the top and this can is the victory of this series.

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