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Before And After Care Tips For Agricultural Sprayers

Sprayers are one of the essential items that you can find in any agricultural land. It allows farmers to spray any liquids faster and in the most convenient way possible. The farmers use these liquids to cover their crops with chemicals that help in controlling weeds, insects, and other plant diseases. Since agricultural sprayers are highly necessary for their everyday tasks, farmers need to make sure that these machines are taken care of. Here are several tips that you must consider if you want your sprayer to remain in its tip-top form all the time.  

Maintenance Tips Before Using The Sprayer For The First Time

If you use new agricultural sprayers straight after purchase, you need to check if it contains the right amount of fluids. You must also see to it that the engine is in its original form. It would also help the sprayer function properly by greasing its boom, axle, steering wheel, and driveline. Tightening the poly tank straps and checking if the flashers and lighting are working are also ideal before using the new sprayers in your farm.  

Other important maintenance procedures that you must do before using agricultural sprayers include checking the level of the engine coolant, transmission oil, and hydraulic fluid level. You also need to make sure that the A/C belt and the serpentine belt tension are working correctly. Also, it is very crucial to make sure to secure the clamps around the air filter before use. 

Daily Maintenance Tips After Each Use 

Before storing the sprayer, always flush the machine’s wet system to get rid of all the remaining chemicals stored in the fluid tank. You also need to clean the machine’s boom strainers as well as its main product strainer. Before parking the sprayer, inspect the engine if it has any hydraulic or product leaks and has it repaired as soon as possible.  

Weekly Maintenance Tips After Use

To keep your agricultural sprayers in its perfect state, see to it that the wheel deflection will have no problems loosening its lug nuts, particularly when it remains loaded. You also need to put grease on the kingpins, rear suspension, the axle components, and the steering wheel once a week. Checking the differential fluid levels and inspecting if it has any leaks is also a crucial maintenance step before storing the machine. Also, you need to regularly rephrase the machine’s steering cylinders by turning the wheels entirely to the right, then continue turning the steering wheel all the way. You need to repeat the process for the other side of the machine. 

Monthly Maintenance Tips After Use

Keeping your agricultural sprayer in its best condition also requires you to perform monthly maintenance steps. To do this, make it a point to grease the machine’s driveline and adjust its poly tank straps accordingly. You also need to inspect the sprayer’s engine air filter and cab air filter to check if they are clean. You must also see to it that the boom has no damages, and its pipe and hydraulic system do not have any leaks. If they do, you must have it repaired as soon as possible. 

Most importantly, the top maintenance tip that you must always do to keep the integrity of your agricultural sprayers is to keep it clean all the time. Any dirt or build-up can lead to more significant problems in the long run. So always make it a habit to clean the sprayer after each use to allow you to use it for years to come.

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