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10 Best Hindi comedy web series to get your laughter dose!

The internet has shaken out the variety of unusual, daring, quirky, and intelligent content and our ideal millennial activity is now binge-watching these web series.

People are bored with the monotonous storyline in TV serials and boring content of love and drama in films. The growing popularity of web series has a reason.

Its content is relatable and the storyline satiates the hunger pangs to watch something new. Topics like – gender equality, corruption, sex life, transgender, etc, are unique and passes a good message to the society.

Here are some Hindi web series which are a must-watch.

1. Permanent Roommates

With TVF releasing Permanent Roommates, they had growing popularity. And next web series released was Pitchers. These series have been watched by millions throughout the globe and Tiger Global awarded $10 Million to it.

 TVF’s first drama series is a high content story with exceptional writing, acting, and direction skills. It tickles you by using the best of situational comedy.

 Revolving around two people – a girl and a boy being roommates and their twisted relationship will leave you with a big smile on your face.

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2. Ladies Room

Ladies Room is a Y-Films series and we are not amazed by its crispy storyline about adventures and real-life problems of two girls.

 The story revolves around the life of two besties and the psychic adventures they go through. The title is kept so because this storyline happens in six distinct bathrooms over the six-episode web series. It is a comedy that shows people striving to grow up even as they age.

These girls are crazy, wicked, and absolutely unapologetic about it! And they courageously take you on a ride where you have never been before!

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3. Pitchers

TVF has already gained popularity for producing exceptional web series on YouTube India.  TVF also called the Viral Fever is an online digital entertainment channel. Founded by Arunabh Kumar, this imaginative channel creates content that reaches out to the younger generation. ‘Pitchers’ is their second original series and ‘Permanent Roommates’ was the first one.

 This comedy genre show will keep you entertained with the story of engineers who work in different companies but quit their jobs to start a startup.

Watch Trailer:-


4. AISHA My Virtual Girlfriend

AISHA My Virtual Girlfriend is the newest series from Arre. Arre is an Indian web-programming company that has a darkly humorous tale about passion, technology, and romance in modern India.

The online program is a web series for the company. This web series might have been inspired by the movie Her.

The storyline is about a brilliant young Indian coder with great ambitions but is never appreciated for his work and dedication at his workplace. Not only that he is also unlucky in the field of love.

 Though his work and social life are really bad, still he doesn’t give hope and develops a true artificial intelligence program named Aisha. She is an autonomous virtual assistant.

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5. Star Boyz

Star Boyz is a science fiction web-series which is of the comedy genre. The story revolves around three south Indian boys in space and their underwhelming adventures.

 The content in this web series is very relatable and humorous. Though simple, it is the perfect example of comedy.

Watch the Trailer:-


6. Girl in the City

Girl in the City is a fresh web series with some great direction and song. A 21-year-old girl named Meera Sehgal moves to Mumbai from Dehradun.

She is searching for an internship in a fashion house. Her dream has always been to work in the fashion industry. As most youngsters make a plan, so has she.

She has decided on a timeline for herself of three months to achieve her aspirations. But in the meantime, she can be seen exploring the city with her favorite scooter. Her friend Mia helps her understand the city better. And Meera’s life is full of adventures.

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7. College Romance

The Timeliners launched this web series which focuses on young adults and their life at colleges. The entertaining chain of videos reminds many of us of our candid moments of college life.

 College days are the most coveted parts in every one of our experiences now. We all want those carefree days back. This series revolving around three friends don’t disappoint viewers with the storyline of these kids’ love interests in college. Relationship and friendship have been explained in hilarious scenarios.

 It had gained strong popularity which can be judged by the fact that it has crossed 5 million views on YouTube.

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8. The engineering girls

Another masterpiece work that revolves around the most common stream- engineering is the engineering girls. Produced by The Timeliners, this web series is unique because it has a storyline with three girls Maggu, Teja, and Sabu at the front. Films and series with boys in engineering college are common, but this series breaks all stereotypes. 

The series has a total of five episodes, and it shares the tales of women hostels and college incidents. This series has over 6.3 Million views on YouTube and is a must-watch.

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9. Girls hostel

Another popular and relatable web series that is female-centric is this one. Released by Girliyappa the web series ‘Girls hostel’ is the narrative of four girls and their daily events of the college.

Topics such as oppressive parents and villainous friends in college are both relatable and hilarious. The typical warden who observes literally everything and is a gossiping lady reminds one of their hostel time. Critics rate it as one of the best Hindi web series of 2018.

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10. Chai Sutta Chronicles

The Jim Jarmusch inspired story is about some routine and unusual discussions between friends over a cup of cigarettes and tea. The episodes are very common to most Indians as this is the best situation(a tea and cigarette break) for deep conversations and contemplation.

The conversations with friends are general chit chats like happy girlfriends, general problems, and movie scenes. The dialogues of the series are hilarious and especially the dialogues between a sanguine and a practical friend.

Watch Trailer:-



Though the entertainment industry has taken a big turn with uncountable web series with amazing content and storyline, here are some more which are notable- Unmarried, Flames, Made in Heaven, Kota Factory, The Family Man, and Delhi Crime.

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