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3 Identifying Behaviors that will let you Know When it’s Time for Therapy

Everyone at some point in their lives experiences periods of stress, grief, sadness, and conflict. When you feel that you can no longer take in any more, it’s time to see a therapist. Therapy is a great treatment for various problems of life.

Seeing a therapist is still associated with stigma. Many people don’t seek treatment because of feelings of shame or embarrassment. There is also that discomfort of being vulnerable. But the truth is that the sooner you seek out treatment, the faster you will feel better.

 This article explains some of the three critical signs that tell you it’s time to see a therapist. These behaviors include

1- When you don’t feel yourself

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Well, you know yourself much better. If you suddenly feel overcome with anger or sadness regularly, it can be an indication of an underlying issue- we all get angry or sad, but its intensity and how often it happens can tell that there’s a problem.

You can also pay a visit to a therapist if you used to be an outgoing person and now all of a sudden you are withdrawing from family and friends. If you are also sleeping or eating more or less than usual, then it’s a warning sign that you should seek out therapy.

When you no longer show interest in things you used to enjoy doing

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This is also a clear indication that you should see a therapist. Everybody has that activity that they love doing- be it sports, watching movies, singing, or hanging out with friends and families.

 If you have suddenly stopped doing your favorite activity, then it can be a red flag that something is wrong in your life. This is because emotions and experiences can deter you from meeting new people and having fun. A therapist will help to identify what is holding you back and come up with a plan to help you move forward.

A fight feeling if something traumatic has happened

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Going through traumas such as the death of a loved one, an abusive relationship, breakup, miscarriage, or job loss can be quite hard to tackle. You may not have a strong network of loved ones who are able to give you the support that you need. And so a therapist can be of great help to you.

A therapist will listen to you without judging you or getting distracted by his own life. Having a therapist will also allow you to have an undivided attention and a well-informed support.


There are so many benefits of therapy such as helping you overcome anxiety, depression, and even addiction. It can also help you find your purpose in life. So even if you feel like you don’t need therapy, you can just see a therapist because after all, there’s no harm in visiting one- you’ll gain a lot.

There are several counseling directories that you can check out in case you need some counseling. They include E-counseling, Psychology Today, and APA.

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