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Top 20 Best Friendship Series to watch with your Friends

Looking for a new series to binge-watch with friends

Look no further! Here are 20 must-watch shows that are sure to impress. Each series offers something unique, from compelling plotlines to relatable characters. To make it time worthy experience for your group, we’ve collected the list from the global stage.  

Hand-picked web series from thriller, and comedy to adulating struggles, this list has most loved gems with cult audience!

So, sit back, grab some snacks, and get ready to discover your new favorite series!

The Summer I turned pretty

 Genre – Drama, Romance

Executive producers: Jenny Han, Gabrielle G. Stanton, Karen Rosenfelt, Hope Hartman, Mads Hansen, Nne Ebong, Paul Lee

Seasons- 2 

IMDb- 7.4/10

Based on the trilogy Book of all-time popular Jenny Han also known for work like  “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” same name book and movies. Available on Netflix,  the show is loved among Genz’s audience and is suitable for light-watch romance. The show follows the transformation of Belly into adulthood and risking the new personality over the summer when she visits her mother’s best friend and is meet with Fisher’s brother Conrad, and Jeremiah. Throughout the 1st season, Belly discovers her confidence and continues to pursue Conrad and it’s a happy ending. Season 2 continues with the death of Fisher’s brother Mum. It devastated the relationship between the brothers. And Belly’s realization of her love life and getting a grip on the situation based on the novel “It is not summer without you”. From the popular soundtrack to the fun behind the scenes the show is a hit .

Never have I ever

 Genre – Comedy, drama 

Creator-Mindy Kaling, Lang Fisher 

IMDb- 7.9/10

Seasons – 3 

A coming of age series which revolves around an Indian-origin girl Devi. She goes through a journey of acceptance, denial, and delusion after her dad’s death. She tries to enjoy herself under the strict supervision of her Indian mother and opens herself to the opportunity to fall. She goes through the journey with her friends who seems to have their own problem. Together they all go through high school and become better adults for collage. Available on Netflix.

The Firefly Lane 

Genre – Drama, Romance 

Creator- Maggie Friedman

IMDb- 7.6 /10 

Available on Netflix, the story of Tully and Kate, who meet in their 30s after they were once teenagers in 1974. Through out the teenagers they weren’t friends, Kate being introverted and Tully being the ‘dream’ many girls wanted to become. Their story shows them reflecting back and forth on the past and the change they have been through. Now, they are overcoming the tragedy in life together with their cherishing friendship.

Ginny and Georgia

Genre – Comedy, thriller

Director- Sarah Lampert

Seasons – 3 

IMDb- 7.5/10

The show follows Georgia and her two kids after they relocated to a faraway town in Massachusetts. Georgia has a troublesome past which she is hiding from Ginny. While Ginny tries to discover a new friendship in the town she is met with ‘MANG’ a group of teen girls whose family troubles are also explored. Apart from complications from friendship, Ginny discovers the hidden secret of Georgia. The series turns perspective from various characters and overlaps the past with the present. This series has motherhood, bonding,  bold female characters, and thrilling storylines covering several social issues which continue over 3 seasons. Available on Netflix.

Normal People 

 Genre – Drama, Romance 

Director- Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald.

IMDb- 8.4/10 

 A story-based novel of the same name focuses on the small Town in Ireland and explores the complex story of Marianne Sheridan and Connell Waldron. The differences in their family background create complications in their relationship as they progress. This show is widely popular for realistic representation of the love they posses and is famous among fan of romance.

Orange is the New Black

 Genre – Comedy, Crime, Drama 

Created by – Jenji Kohan

Season – 7 

IMDb- 8.1/10 

A Netflix series based on the book of a similar name, Explores the true story of Piper Chapman, an public relation executive who trades her black suit with orange prison clothes. She is put to adapt the prison lifestyle and comes across various other women prisoners in the jail. The story is very popular for its plotline related to women behind bars.


 Genre – Crime, Drama , Thriller 

Director- Ashim Ahluwalia

Season – 1 

IMDb- 6.2/10

An Indian adaptation of ELITE (available on Netflix) but script completely different to suit Indian society. This Netflix show deals with society and its societal stratification when 3 student from the other side of society joins an elite school in Delhi. They come across various discrimination, cultural change, and lifestyle change which seem to cause chaos leading to the death of elite students in the school. The series brings new Indians into focus and explores the social theme of gender, money power, and aspiration to adapt to the higher class, hence the name. The series appeal to the new generation and is a MUST-watch series from India to discuss with your friends. 

Jee Karda

 Genre – Drama, Romance

Director- Arunima Sharma

Seasons – 1

IMDb- 7.1/10 

Newly released and available on Amazon Prime, the much-anticipated release of Tamannaah Bhatia opposite Suhail Nayyar and Aashim Gulati features the story of seven friends in their 30s trying to make life as they imagined in childhood. The story explores their childhood key moment in the midst of adulting. Even though they claim to be the same friends they were in childhood, in their hearts they are different in the present.


 Genre – Comedy , romance , drama 

Director- Jessica Sadana

IMDb- 7.6/10 

A production on Dice Media is popular Indian web series circling the life of Ray and Nikat. The opposite personality of Ray and Nikat while “adulting together” creates imaginable scenarios and conflict, but sticking together despite everything is the real deal. This series makes you appreciate your friendship. The acting of Aisha Ahmed and Yashaswini Dayama as the main lead together gives nothing less than goals. 


 Genre – Drama, Comedy 

Director- Durin Das

“Sister” is a mini-series from Girliyapa on Youtube starring Ahsaas Channa and Namita Dubey, as Mahi and Antra. They show the bonding of the sister with opposite personalities ready to crash together Antra is the elder sister who is disciplined and organized working towards her startup while Mahi is the new adult who just entered college taking advantage of exploring her life laid back and carefree while away from parents at her sister’s home. This is a series with an uncomplicated plotline with fun and comedy aspects. 

The Interns

 Genre – Romance, drama , comedy 

IMDb- 6.8 / 10 

Another series starring Ahsaas Channa on Youtube opposite Revathi Pillai and Rashmi Agdekar. At digital diva, The three intern life mix and bond over the struggle of being hardworking but underpaid. This story is short and light with characters going through personality changes in the corporate setting as they evolve to make  earn a living.  

Rocket Boys

 Genre – Drama , history

Director- Nikkil Advani 


Season – 2

Story from the history of India’s science brings light to hard work. The story features recognized names in the science industry like Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Mrinalini Sarabhai, C.V. Raman as well as A.P.J Abdul Kalam and their contribution and relation in building a strong, new and independence India.

Kota Factory 

 Genre – Drama , LIfe 

Director- Raghav Subbu

Season – 2 


A series highlighting the struggle of being a JEE-IIT aspirant in the black-and-white screenplay. The hub of education Kota, is explored as the storyline progresses. Exploring the aspiration, determination, failure, pressure, and friendship from character to character makes the audience empathic to the story. A series with life – lessons available on Netflix. 

TVF Pitcher

 Genre – Comedy , drama 

Director-Amit Golani 

Seasons – 2 


Written by Biswapati Sarkar and directed by Amit Golani, follows the story of 4 grown adult who aspires to build their own start-up. Within the new audience, it has built a cult audience for itself, Available on TVFPlay. 

College Romance 

 Genre – Drama, romance, comedy 


IMDb- 8.4/10 

Seasons – 2 

The series follows the story of Trippy, Karan, and Naira and the event that unfolds in college mainly in their love life. This series is a chill, relaxed watch with dramatic characters and exciting turns of events to bring back your college memories. A similar set in Excel University is of  Campus Diaries, with a cast of famous influencers Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, and Srishti Rindani. 

Hostel Haze

 Genre – Comedy, drama 

Director- Rahgav Sabbu 

IMDb- 8.4/10 

Seasons- 1

A fun cast of Ahsaas Channa,Adarsh Gourav, Luv, Shubham Gaur, Nikhil Vijay. They bring out the adventure of being a roommate in the 1st year. Even if you have not this series will give you a look behind the door of the hostel. Available on Amazon Prime consisting of 15 episodes of 30 min is a show with laughter and comedy.


 Genre – comedy 

Director- Himank Gaur 

IMDb- 8.8 / 10 

A series by Bhuvan Bam.Not only all the characters are played by the same person but being part of the scripting and directing process to provide the best to their audience. This series is available on Youtube on BB ki vines and has received immense love from his fans. The story follows the life of a middle-class family and their circumstances after winning the lottery. This series is filled with laughter, comedy, and entertainment one should not miss.  


 Genre – Thriller , drama , comedy 

Director- Ambrish Verma 

IMDb- 8.4/10 

Available on Amazon mini tv, Dude depicts the life of detectives,  Dude (Detective Uttam Dhamija) and Detective Ashok Bhatia with their skills to uncover the truth of cases as one of them is falling into the delusion of past trauma. Written and directed by Ambrish Verma is a short and thrilling story as the episode progresses.  

Hospital Playlist

 Genre – Drama, comedy, life, romance 

Director- Shin won – ho 

IMDb- 8.8 / 10 

A story of friends since 1999 and their present circumstances as they serve their duty as medical professionals. The story is heartwarming and soulful, it showcases stories of the patient and doctors as they cross paths. Work and pressure of different medical fields and the everlasting friendship of them all. Starring a popular cast of Jo Jung-Suk, Yoo Yeon-Seok, and Jung Kyung-ho is a must-watch if you are into Korean drama. 

Alice in borderland

 Genre – Action, thriller, drama

Director- Shinsuke Sato

IMDb- 7.7/10

When a gamer slips into a strange Tokyo, he is forced to survive in the games of life and dead. With cast like Kento Yamazaki , Tao Tsuchiya, and Nijirô Murakami this series was highly watched for its intriguing plotline. The story of Arisu and his friends as they try to survive. Arisu also meets Usagi who is playing the game alone also to survive.Together all the survive must compete to live. 

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