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5 New TV Shows to stream on Hulu in 2020

We are pretty sure that you are spending a whole chunk of your time in quarantine going the binge-watching way, which is absolutely fine. Binge watch on all the primetime content on a large number of OTT platforms starting from Netflix, Hulu, Prime Videos to begin with. Not only would this help you to pass your time in a less boring way, but it might also spark a trail of creativity in you. Now, would that not be an interesting thing?

The best content on hulu that we think should be binge-appropriate:

Quite a lot of the top-rated content on Hulu are quite beautifully made and are critically acclaimed. Starting off as a receptacle for live television, Hulu indeed has a huge library of the most indisputable classics, as well as new releases, which more than often rivals the collection of its competitors.

But, more than often, the algorithms get pretty convoluted and dodgy, with that, the recommendations get pretty unclear and inexplicable. Plainly and simply, it gets difficult choosing for a certain content. In that case, we are here to extend a helping hand. 

1. Community:

Loners at this subpar community institution decide to take part in a ‘study group’ in order to muddle through an inside joke of a certain Spanish Class, and they end up in forging bonds which are quite unexpected. Sounds like a very plain old sitcom? Well, ‘Community’ is anything such as that. Over the course of six seasons, Dan Harmon and his troupe has managed to blend plain classroom laughter into a surreal mix of sketch comedy, with characters who are complicated yet sympathetic, and relationships that are too delicate. 

2. Anthony Bourdain- No Reservations:

Celebrity chef and raconteur Anthony Boudain shares his adventures of globe-trotting and celebrates the cuisines and cultures with a balanced mix of disembarkation near and far like New York, Maine, New Orleans as well as Turkey, Egypt, Russia and Vietnam. He has successfully blended history, observation, and political commentary with his food, not to mention his undeniable appeal. This show would definitely make you go yum!

3. 30 Rock:

Tina Fey not only co-created, but also starred in this NBC meta sitcom. This is a culmination of her experiences when she was Saturday Night Live’s head writer. Inside jokes, showbiz gossip and all of it is delivered in a nudge as well as a lightning pace. With an ensemble cast composed of Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski,Alec Baldwin and Jack McBrayer, this should definitely be in your watchlist. 

4. Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

If unsuccessful and unloved teen horror or comedy is your thing, then Buffy The Vampire Slayer should be your jam. The show triumphantly spans over seven seasons where the sly conflation of the conventions that exist when it comes to an amalgamation of high school and supernatural horror, and if you ask us, it truly is the fiery hellscape. It might get a little bumpy in the beginning, let’s say because Joss Whedon needed some time to figure out the tone and convincing power, but once Buffy gets their foothold it is practically unstoppable. You might want to keep a bucket of snacks handy while binging on this. 

4. Top of the Lake:

This crime show set in Australia is one of the best detective shows available on Hulu. It stars Elisabeth Moss as Detective Robin Griffin, A woman haunted by her past who investigates complex and unsettling cases. Read more on 

5. The Simpsons:

There is very little amount of reason for expecting a lot from this animated cartoon comedy. The then-nascent spin-off from the Fox Network was carved out from the interstitials of a show named “The Tracey Ullman Show”. But this particular series as a critic has claimed is ‘refreshingly different and dangerously relatable’. No wonder it became a show with the longest running fictional series in the history of television shows, spanning over almost a jaw dropping amount of around 30 seasons. But folks, nothing lasts forever, and so does the Simpsons, but in its particularly early and subversive seasons, “The Simpsons” can easily be called a beautiful social commentary that is whip smart and pop-culture heavy. 

With this, we come to an end to all our recommendations for major TV shows that we spent hours after hours, binging on Hulu. Do give them a watch and drop in some recommendations for us as well, maybe? 

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