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Top 20 Best Korean adult movies of all times

Audience all over the globe don’t have much options when they are looking to experience or erotic movies. Hollywood is the more promptly looked after industry for adult movies. However, Korean adult movie industry is quite unexplored when it comes to the erotic movies. Korean Industry has produced some of the best adult movies which have a very good storyline & direction which will keep the audience glued to their screen.

Even if you are watching a full fledged Korean adult movie, you will experience a unique blend of story which will be a perfect entertainer for you. If You are also looking out for a list of best Korean adult movies, this list is for you to get started. Just a quick reminder, this list of Korean erotic movies is only for 18+ to watch. What are you waiting for?

Best Korean adult movies List –

1. The Handmaiden

IMDb rating: 8.1/10

Released: 2016

The Handmaiden is an adult psychological thriller film of South Korea starring Kim Tae-ri, Cho Jin-woong, Kim Min-hee and Ha Jung-woo. The film was also nominated in 2016 Cannes Film Festival for Palme d’Or. The movie can be said to be one of the best movies of 2016. The sensual story revolves around two ladies; one is a Japanese woman living on an estate alone and the other is a Korean woman hired to serve her as handmaiden. It is interesting to watch that whether this handmaiden is just a normal woman or is plotting something against the lady.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

2. Empire of Lust

IMDb rating: 6/10

Released: 2015

Empire of Lust is one of the best period action films of South Korea starring Jang Hyuk, Shin Ha-kyun and Kang Ha-neul. The story of the movie is set in 1398 and revolves around three men including a general, a prince and a son in law. Kim Min-jae falls for a girl and makes her his concubine but he couldn’t realize that she was there with a hidden revenge against him. The film is absolutely an interesting pick.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

3. The Treacherous

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

Released: 2015

The film is also a period film, and the story is set in 1504, midpoint of Joseon dynasty. The tyrannical king orders to find the most beautiful girls in the country in order to entertain him after which thousands of ladies arrives in the palace. Overall, the film is an interesting watch if you like to watch sensual period films.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

4. Obsessed

IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Released: 2014

The movie is set in 1969 which revolves around the love affair between colonel Jim Pyeong who is already married, and Jong Ga Heun, the Chinese Korean captain’s wife. The film is about secret love relation that can be interesting to watch with sensuality and romance to the fullest.

Where to watch: Prime Video

5. For the Emperor

IMDb rating: 5.7/10

Released: 2014

For the Emperor is a 2014 South Korean action and thriller movie with the elements of maturity and sensuality starring Park Sung-woong and Lee Min-ki. The story revolves around a former baseball player Lee Hwan who was accused of match fixing in the past. He then involves himself with a gangster and achieve higher position eventually there. All of this becomes the show of money, blood and sex.

Where to watch: Netflix

6. Scarlet Innocence

IMDb rating: 5.9/10

Released: 2014

The genre of the film includes drama, thriller and romance. The story revolves around Deokee, a simple girl of a town who had a sensual relationship with an already married professor, never gives up on approaching him for right long years just for her revenge. It would be interesting to watch whether she will be successful in her revenge or not.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

7. Green Chair 2013: Love Conceptually

IMDb rating: 5.5/10

Released: 2013

This romantic drama talks of the sensual love affair between a twenty-year-old man and a thirty plus woman who is about to get a divorce from her husband. She already has an old lover, but she is also attracted to this young man who is her student in her art classes. It would be interesting to see what she will she do next.

Where to watch: Dailymotion, AsianWiki

8. A Muse

IMDb rating: 6.6/10

Released: 2012

Another romantic drama which talks of a story revolving around a seventy-year-old man who is also a reputed poet who lives with thirty-year-old disciple, but the direction of the story takes a strong turn after the sudden arrival of a Han Eun-gyo, a high school girl. When she enters their life, their sexual desire awakes.

Where to watch: Netflix, AsianWiki

9. The Concubine

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

Released: 2012

The Concubine is a historical romantic drama which talks of a tragic love triangle. Hwa-yeon, a daughter of a nobleman loves a common servant Kwon-Yoo but just to avoid the condition of poverty, she becomes of the concubine of the prince Sungwon. Their love triangle will be quite sensual and interesting to watch.

Where to watch: Netflix, Prime Video

10. My Secret Partner

IMDb rating: 6/10

Released: 2011

Perfect Partner is a dramatic romcom where a father and son falls in love with different ladies. The father who is also a screenwriter, falls in loves with one of his students. On the other hand, his son falls for his own teacher. It would be interesting to watch both of their love affairs and whether they will be successful in their respective relations or not.

Where to watch: Prime Video, AsianWiki

11. The Servant

IMDb rating: 6.4/10

Released: 2010

Another dramatic romcom where a servant falls for a girl who is also desired by his own master. The girl herself loves the servant but also admires the master because of his social position and money. Thus, the film would be an interesting watch for the audience who wants to explore such a genre of films.

12. Secret Love

IMDb rating: 5.8/10

Released: 2010

The film is also called as Secret River which is an erotic thriller movie starring Yoon Jin-seo and Yoo Ji-tae. A woman takes care of her husband who falls into coma in the hope of his recovery. Her life seems to be dull but when her husband’s twin brother arrives from a trip, she is shocked at this discovery that her husband has a twin brother. They build a sensual love affair representing bold scenes for the audience.

Where to watch: AsianWiki

13. Natalie

IMDb rating: 4.6/10

Released: 2010

A romantic melodrama which is also the first 3D film of South Korea. The story revolves around Mi-ran, a beautiful dance student and her sculptor professor, Jun-hyuk and she becomes lover and muse both for him. But she leaves him for a fellow student and after a decade she meets again with the professor. Let us see how they share their past memories with each other.

Where to watch: MyDramaList

14. Paju

IMDb rating: 6.5/10

Released: 2009

The romantic drama Paju displays a complicated relationship between a school going girl with her elder sister’s husband. The film is set in Paju, past military area which is now a developing city situated at the border of north and south Korea. The movie displays various emotions like love, mystery, guilt and psychological aspects of different people.

Where to watch: Netflix

15. A Frozen Flower

IMDb rating: 7.1/10

Released: 2008

A Frozen Flower is an erotic and gripping romantic historical drama, set in Koryo dynasty starring Joo Jin-mo, Song Ji-hyo and Zo In-sung. The story of the film revolves around the complications in royal families and chasing for love. The story talks of complicated relation between a king and his guard.

Where to watch: Netflix

16. Portrait of a Beauty

IMDb rating: 6.3/10

Released: 2008

A woman who is a part of a family of court painters is forced to live the life of her brother after he commits suicide for the society in order to continue her family’s legacy. It would be interesting to see how to overcomes various problems and difficulties in this process. The story of the movie represents a beautiful tale of sensuality, jealousy and love.

Where to watch: Prime Video

17. Forbidden Quest

IMDb rating: 6.2/10

Released: 2006

Another famous period film of south Korea set in Joseon dynasty. The story revolves around a scholar who writes erotic and sensual novels who falls in love with the king’s favorite concubine. By doing this, he actually risks his life, and it would be interesting to watch how he overcomes the difficulties of love.

Where to watch: Prime Video

18. Green Chair

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

Released: 2005

The story of the film is about an erotic love affair between an adult lady who recently released from prison, and the minor boy the film displays the strong bold love making scenes and the sensual relationship between the two is worth watching.

Where to watch: AsianWiki

19. A Good Lawyer’s Wife

IMDb rating: 6.1/10

Released: 2003

The story of the film revolves around the members of a modern dysfunctional weird family and their individual various love affairs. The film focuses mainly on a mature woman who is bored and angry in her relationship, starts a sensual love affair with a teenage boy. A good movie displaying different emotions of love, frustration, family and sensuality.

Where to watch: Prime Video

20. Untold Scandal

IMDb rating: 6.9/10

Released: 2003

This erotic drama is set in the 18th century Chosun dynasty which was also the fourth highest grossing domestic film of the year 2003 nationwide. The story displays a bored woman Lady Cho who challenges a playboy to sleep with a 16-year-old girl in whom her own husband seems interested. This sensual situation may throw all of them into serious problems which they are not aware of.

Where to watch: Netflix

1. Which is the most viewed movie in Korea?

According to reviews and reports of 2022, the most viewed movie in South Korea is the crime action film ‘The Round Up’ with more than 12.7 million views.

2. What is the super famous Korean movie?

The Housemaid (1960) is said to be the super famous Korean movie though quite old but is one of the most watched Korean movies in the world.

3. Where can I watch Korean movies online for free?

There are many platforms that allow you to watch Korean movies online for free such as AsiaWiki, Viki, Korean Classic Film, Dingo K-drama, Tubi, FilmDoo, My Asian TV and so on. Here are a list of sites where you can watch Korean dramas online.

4. What is the biggest hit movie in Korea?

There are multiple hit movies in Korea like The Roundup, Train to Busan, Obsessed, Ode to my father, The Handmaiden, Extreme Job and so on.

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