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TheOneSpy – Best WhatsApp Spy App for Android to Read the Chat of WhatsApp

TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps for cell phones and computer devices. It means you can monitor cellphones and gadgets of android and IOS completely and get to know the activities of the target user with the time stamp and in real time. Moreover, a user can spy on the activities being performed on the windows and MAC laptop and desktop computer machines.

A user can spy on the installed and activated social media apps in terms of text messages, chat conversations, audio video calls, and multimedia shared and Voice messages. Moreover, TOS empower a user to monitor cell phone calls, track the GPS location and remotely control the targeted device of android.

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Furthermore, the best part of the android monitoring app is its user –friendly interface that let a layman or non –tech-savvy person to use the cell phone spy software. However, the installation process of the phone spy app for android is very easy. Today, we are going to guide you how you can spy on WhatsApp on android. All you need to have best WhatsApp spy app that allows you to monitor WhatsApp instant messaging app. But the problem is that you cannot directly get access to the enclave of the social messaging app WhatsApp. Initially, you have to get access to the target cell phone device of android using a phone spy app that gives you privilege to track the installed social media app on it. You have to go across a couple of steps in the following then you will be able to get the goal you are looking for. If you are looking for some cool whatsapp tricks, spying could be one of them. Install Android spy software to read WhatsApp chat.

There are many people out there that want to spy on instant messengers including WhatsApp. The reason behind the particular aim could be different. But over years in the majority of the cases parents, employers and loved ones want to track the social app. obviously, parents want to protect teens and kids from online predators, employers want to keep an eye on employees chat conversations and loved ones may have some reservations. Let’s get to know the steps to the installation of the cell phone monitoring app for Android to get the tools that can monitor WhatsApp social media app.

Step 1: Subscribe for android surveillance app

First and foremost you need to visit the official website of the cell phone monitoring software. Secondly, you should keep in mind to know about the Operating system of your target mobile phone. In case you are looking forward to spying on android or IOS cellphone in order to spy on WhatsApp messenger. Then you are at right place. Now you need to get a subscription online by visiting the website. Once the end user has subscribed for whatsapp spy for an android app then you will get the credentials such as passcode and ID. Moreover, you need to get physical possession of your target android cellphone and start the installation process.

Step 2: Activate the monitoring app for android

The moment you have ended up with the installation process then the next step you need to take is to activate the phone spy app for android on the target cell phone. When the end users get started with the activation process, then suddenly he/she receives a pop –up on the android device screen. It will guide the end user to hide the android spy software icon to make it perform monitoring in invisible mode. Further, you can follow the instruction or you can skip the pop –up and activate the mobile spy app for android.

Step 3: Use the credentials

Now it is the time to use the passcode and ID and get access to TheOneSpy online control panel. When you have the access to the android monitoring app web portal you can further visit the Android spyware features that allow you to monitor WhatsApp chat. Let’s get to know the particular tools of TheOneSpy monitoring app for android to read WhatsApp chat to the fullest.

Use Android phone tracking app tools to spy on WhatsApp chat

Live WhatsApp screen recording

You can use the android monitoring spyware live screen recording. It empowers you to make back to back short videos of the screen when the target user is using WhatsApp and doing chat conversations. Moreover, the user can get access to the recorded videos and can read the WhatsApp chat.

IM’s Social Media

The end user can get the logs of all the activities to happen on the target android device installed Whatsapp social messaging app. You can get the logs of text messages, text conversations audio video calls, multimedia shared and WhatsApp Voice messages sent through the android cellphone.


The user can remotely get access to the target Android mobile phone and can capture the screenshots when WhatsApp messenger is activated. It means the user can capture WhatsApp chat screenshots remotely. However, you can capture back to back multiple screenshots at once if you have sent commands of multiple screenshots intervals on the target mobile phone of android.


You can use the keystrokes logging tool of the Android spying app that will empower you to get access to all the applied keystrokes on the target android device. The user will be able to get his/her hands on the keystrokes such as password keystrokes, WhatsApp chat keystrokes, messages keystrokes and messenger keystrokes. The user can use the WhatsApp keystrokes applied on the target device and get to know the chat and messages with a complete time stamp.


TheOneSpy android monitoring app is the best tool to spy on the target user android cell phone and let you get access to the android WhatsApp. Once you have got the access to whatsApp then you can read the WhatsApp chat and stay updated all the time of target user chat conversations with a time stamp.

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