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Bored of poker? See some alternatives you can play online

Poker, by far, is one of the most popular card and casino games in the world. It has players in nearly every single country in the world. And it’s top-tier tournaments that attract some of the biggest names in the sport and have some eye-watering prizes up for grabs. However, as popular as poker is as a casino game, it is undoubtedly the casino game that demands the most skill.

It also has quite a considerable learning curve when it comes to understanding all of the rules and potential hands. And although this demand for skill is popular among some players, it is also quite unattractive to those who want an enjoyable online casino experience without having to invest too much time in their own upskilling. In fact, if you didn’t already know, now you can also play Andar Bahar game online if you want something different to more established casino card games.

Are there really poker alternatives out there?

Fortunately, however, if you didn’t know, there are alternatives to poker out there that offer a similar experience but avoid requiring you to have to upskill and learn as much before starting to play. If you’ve ever wanted to experience poker alternatives, or if you actually play poker yourself now and you’re looking for a break, today we are going to have a look at some of these alternatives. We will have a look briefly at each of the alternatives and what they offer that is both similar to poker and different.


The first alternative to poker that you can also play online and at casinos is called Bridge, which you may have heard of. It involves strategic bidding and bluffing, meaning that it takes some of the best characteristics of poker and applies them to more of a team-based game. It’s an engaging alternative that also provides an interactive experience that gives you that sense of team camaraderie and joint effort that a lot of people like to look for. This is a perfect option if you’ve been wanting a team game that is similar to poker. Bridge has been rumoured to have been around since the 1500’s, coming over to England in the 1900’s, and subsequently exploding in popularity.


The second alternative that we’re going to be looking at that probably isn’t quite as well known as Bridge is called Euchre. But it does share the same aspect of trick-taking that Bridge offers to players. The game is optimal for four players, so if you have a smaller party of players that can’t fill up a poker table or fill two Bridge teams up, This also has a team aspect, whereby you will team up in two pairs. And so, if you have a competitive edge, this is certainly an alternative card game to poker that you want to try that can also be played online.


Another well-known card game that is a safe, non-betting alternative to poker is called Hearts, which you may have heard of. It has been one of the default games on Windows since the days of solitaire. Alongside Bridge and Euchre, it also provides a trick-taking element, except that this is where you pit yourself individually against other players. What sets this game apart from others is that instead of scoring the highest amount of points, which just seems natural when it comes to card games, the aim is to score the smallest amount of points.


The penultimate poker alternative we’re going to look at today is called pinochle. It was created in the United States and is still, to this day, one of the country’s most popular card games. It can either be played by three players individually, or if there are four of you, you can team up in two pairs. It is also known by the nickname ‘two eyes’. To play this game, you need a deck of 48 cards in total. You need two cards of each type (for example, 2 x Q, 2 x K) from 9 up to ace. You then have to aim to get one of a number of card combinations, with different combinations scoring a varying number of points.


The final poker alternative that we’re going to look at today that you should try if you want a change and a different card to play online is called spades. This is another classic card game that has been around for years, just like hearts. Again, this card game spoils the player with a trick-taking aspect that all of these poker alternatives do offer and that players find attractive about card games in general. It’s perfect if you’ve got a party of 2 to 5 players and you need a 52-card deck in order to play the game.

Hopefully, this has given you enough alternatives to choose from should you want to try your hand at a new card game. Some or all of them may appeal to you. They each offer something different to poker, but as we have mentioned, at the same time, they also keep some of the strategy and trick-taking characteristics that people love and enjoy about poker. Some of the games are also perfect if you’re having friends round and you want a game to play in teams. Working in a team against another team does indeed build collaboration, can add a different aspect to the whole game, and is something that’s not found in any of the mainstream variants of poker.

In Summary

There are, of course, a lot more alternative card games out there that you can look into and research, but if you’re looking for other options to poker if you’re bored of poker, then the ones we’ve listed today still keep the aspects of the game that you find exciting, which also means that you don’t have to bet and you can play online with other players for fun. They are also less skill-based, which, as we have touched upon at the start, can sometimes put people off wanting to pick poker up in the first place.

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