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Top 20 Different & Stylish types of kurta pyjama for men

Kurta pyjamas, a two-piece embroidery set are the basic clothing of men, Available in many colours and styles. Kurta pyjamas are especially preferable for festivals, weddings etc. We Indians Can Easily recognise ourselves in this ethnic apparel since we wear many types of kurtas for various events, such as festivals, weddings, and celebrations. A kurta is a loose shirt and pyjama fits the most. Nowadays these kurta pyjamas are even available for kids and ladies also wearing these can make one look stylish and being comfortable at the same time.

 A Kurta pyjama set is a true Indigenous design. Kurtas for men can also be styled interestingly by pairing them with slacks. Kurta pajamas for guys are the ideal illustration for anyone who wishes to implicitly with comfort together. The Top Different & stylish types of kurta pyjamas for men are listed below to assist you in choosing your ceremonial and casual set.

List of Best Kurta Pyjama Styles –

1) Wedding kurta pyjama:-

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When made of silk, a bridal kurta pyjama gains a distinct allure.The gorgeous, endearing,  and opulent silk is the queen of materials.This bridal silk kurta will embrace its majesty when one sets his hair hasclean shave appearance. Men’s Manyavar, Flipk art, Utsav fashion, and Amazon all sell wedding kurtas for between 250 and 5000 INR.

 2) Cotton kurta pyjama:-

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Perfect fit for all seasons without any doubt. Cotton kurta trademarks a choker collar and side fissure, especially when a man with a trimmed beard adds ‘compatibility‘. These are easy and simple to wear. These are lightweight making them a perfect summer wear outfit for men. Cotton kurta pyjama ranges from 900-1500 INR with availability on Amazon, Peter England, Fab India and Myntra.

3) Bandhgala kurta pyjama:-

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The name itself indicates that it blocks up to the neck with buttons that give a formal appearance. This kurta is fit for a winter wedding keeping one warm. If one prefers a superlative model, he can opt for this to stand as a unique model. This type of kurta pyjama set is available on Farida Gupta, Myntra, Jaypore, Manyavar starting from 2700 INR.

4) Churidar kurta pyjama:

Wearing a waistcoat to a casual churidar kurta is a proper way to dress up for a wedding. It consists of a Nehru jacket over a normal silk pyjama set. By wearing this jacket unbuttoned, one can attain an unflustered look available at very reasonable price to purchase. Churidar kurta pyjama sets are ranging between 790-3500 INR and are available on, Amazon, Jaypore, Myntra etc.

5) Printed kurta pyjama:

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This consists of a straight cut, choked collar and side slit. Picking this multi-coloured printed kurta can easily cheer up the mood. This is completely different but interesting when compared with the traditional kurta. This is available in local stores and on e-commerce sites like Myntra, AJIO, Manyavar, Jaypore within range of 590-1400 INR.

6) High-low blue kurta pyjama:

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This modern stylish fashion is a mix of cuts in high end and low end. Wearing white pants to this blue kurta is especially for pre-wedding celebrations. With natural hair and mild perfume, one can parade a simplistic look. It is Available on all famous stores like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa fashions starting price from 700-3000 INR.

7) Sherwani kurta:

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This sherwani kurta is usually made from thicker fabric than any other type of kurta. This style will surely make it elegant and will attain head-turning gratitude wherever you are and wherever you go. Available in superfluity of all fabrics, this has a sharp high-point shoulder. Sherwani kurtas are mostly available on Nykaa fashions starting from 3400 INR.

8) Mirror kurta:

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This Abhla Bharat embroidery is to attract the attention of all in the right way. This representative look is for youngsters to sparkle well especially at night parties. Gold or silver hemmed eyeglasses adds extra elegance. Mirror kurta is a little bit costly ranging from 1099 to 6000 INR and is available on Amazon,  Myntra, Fab India, Manyavar, AJIO and Kalki fashions.

9) Draped kurta:

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This draped kurta features remarkable striking drapes as a major style component. This is in the form of a cut, fold, muffler, or even bias panel. When appearing at a party wearing a draped kurta with a Rolex watch one could stand as a fashion diva. Draped kurta ranges from 900 to 20000 INR and is mostly available on Aza fashions, Lifestyle stores, Manyavar, Collective fashions and Myntra.

10) Short kurta:

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This suit is specially designed for the summer season. This is the same as an appealing traditional men’s shirt. This is an Indo-western outfit that is unique and modern. These short  Kurtas are available on all e-commerce sites within range of 500-1500 INR.

11) Pathani kurta pyjama:

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These types of kurtas are, especially for younger men. Pathani kurtas for men are available in a superabundance of designs and shades. It’s available in cotton, silk, rayon and many more. To give an extra elegant look these kurtas can be worn with dhotis and Patiala bottoms. These Pathani kurta pyjamas are available in unique individual colours or they may come up with printed colours as per the person’s taste. These Pathani kurta pyjamas are mostly available on Farida Gupta, Myntra, Amazon, Fab India, and Manyavar within a price range of 700-2000 INR and if one can afford can prefer 10000 INR set which gives an elegant look and available ready-made set in the stores.

12) Half-sleeves striped kurta:

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This is completely different from a regular kurta and consists of an upstanding striped design with extra comfort. The collar comes as standing with cotton material. If one finds it as interesting, he can prefer it undoubtedly . This generally ranges from 400-1500 INR and is available on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra and Fab India.

13) V neck readymade kurta:

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If a person is having a complete gym body or muscled body this outfit suits them the most and even this is the right choice for them. Like the other remaining kurtas with a choked collar, this V neck kurta is astonishing. This type of kurta is, especially for towered height persons. These V-neck readymade kurtas are available on AJIO, Amazon, Bollywood, Myntra in the range of 800-1800 INR.

14) Indo western kurta:

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To grab the attention of public eyes this is the right option and one needs to land here to look like a celebrity. This round-shouldered style creates a courageous outlook. Most of these Indo western kurtas are available in satin fabric. This Indo-western kurtas cost between 1600 to 7000 INR and are available on Pernia’s pop-up, Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, Manyavar etc.

15) Plain khadi kurta:

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Most of these plain khadi kurta is light in weight and when worn together with churidar pants, can amplify body shape. This type of kurtas give a ravish and clean look when you are in a small crowd. This type of fabric costs around 600-1500 INR and is available on Myntra, Meesho, Snap deal, Amazon at a reasonable price.

16) Jodhpuri kurta:-

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This kurta is 3 pieces type consisting of closed collar kurta, a sleeveless jacket and silk shorts to give an extra elegant look and rich adornment. One should try this  for sure to look like a star in the crowd. This generally costs around 1700-4500 INR and is available on Amazon, Nykaa, AJIO etc.

17) Orange cotton kurta:

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This orange cotton kurta is mostly used in summer in different ways. The cotton handloom of this light color is comfortable. This full hand kurta is a regular fit with a choke collar. This can be used as regular wear and generally costs 500-1500 INR .These kurtas are available on Fab India, Myntra.

18) Pakistani kurta:

ol5HEy1L3zd0Ch38DZeEYs60xfOzPugvPut83Qz4byZ7 UHFOzHCUA9EaypkmauBaozL61eT8suo8bQjcO5gOL8 9IZxO4w1CrnviaPqu6RjdPyS7 g8KFoQkLZlYPSHwELd3Xzq

This type of kurta comes with cotton fabric with closed buttons and 3 pockets to carry important things. This cotton fabric consists of a criss-cross design to plug in extra fascinating essence. These can be mostly used as casual wear and even as festive wear. Generally, this type of kurta costs between 1500 to 3000 INR and are available on Fab India in various colours and other e-commerce sites.

19) Brocade kurta:

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The name itself indicates that this outfit comes with a brocade border. This fabric is usually available in silk. This type of kurta is mostly available in rich colours like blue, red, gold and beige. They are mostly preferred as occasional wear. These type of kurtas generally costs around 1500 INR and are mostly available o Jin Flipkart, and India mart.

20) Manyavar wedding kurta:

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This fabric is mostly silk blended. This type of kurtas look great when worn with normal churidar pants and are especially designed for weddings and occasions during day time. When a person wears these kurtas , it creates positive environment around him. This type of kurta can make a person look more dignified. Normally this outfit costs around 3000-6000 INR and is available on Manyavar sites and Amazon.


1.Which brand is best for kurta pajama?

  • Peter England.
  • Manyavar.
  • Ben Martin.
  • Twist.
  • Sojanya.

2. Which colour is best for kurta pajama?

The colour of the kurta with the white pajama is a stellar match for the night ceremonies.

3. Which cloth is best for mens kurta?

  • Lemon Yellow Pure Linen Silk Handloom Banarasi Fabric.
  • Pastel Green Pure Moonga Silk Handloom Banarasi Fabric.
  • White Pure Moonga Silk Handloom Banarasi Fabric

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