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Different Types of Squats to Get a Lean Sculpted Body!

Squat and get a pert bottom! Yes, it is that simple and if you got to work that booty then you have got to work hard or in other words, you have got to squat hard and time to bust some serious myths, squats aren’t just good for your butt, they help train your entire body, thighs, core, abs, glutes, hamstrings et al. Squats are one of the reasons why a celebrities’ body looks the way it does and yes, they add a lot of squats to their workout regime, and they include various types of squats. Don’t you worry we are going to discuss each one of them here? Add variety and fun to your workout regime with these moves.

Different Types of Squats – 10 Ways to To Get a Sculpted Booty

Whether you are working at the gym or at home, you know you have to work out those legs, to get a strong core and what better to work it than different types of squats? Take a look at some of the effective squat moves that help melt away the fat and build some solid lean muscles.

1. The Basic Squat – This you know, we guess but it’s always good to start with the simple and basic one and as you know simple always works.

Different Types of Squats

Push back your hips and lower them down towards your heels. Remember you must not put pressure on your knees, rather you must put the weight on the heels. Brace your core as you go down and as you stand straight remember to squeeze your glutes. This completes 1 rep.

2. The Band Squat – While we know you are already a pro at the basic squat, we would like you to surprise and shock your body and try out varieties of squats. The mini band squat is another must-try workout.

Different Types of Squats

Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart. Loop a band around your calves and lower down your body by bending at the knees. Pause there and then stand straight. This completes one rep. The mini band adds the extra resistance to your workout helping you get greater bang for your buck.

3. Pulse Squats – These squats literally put your bum on fire. Pulse squats are always part of squat challenges and find different ways to activate your glute muscles.

Different Types of Squats

Once you lower yourself to the basic squat, don’t come all the way up, go half way up and then lower down your hips again. Now, repeat this multiple times. This is why way up, and then lower back down into the squat. Repeat this multiple times to “pulse”.  You will really feel the burn with this one!

4. Sumo Squats – The sumo squat works on your inner thighs and gives a lift to your booty. You can experience a greater burn with some medium to heavyweights.

Different Types of Squats

Keep your feet hip-distance apart and angle your feet slightly outwards. Push through your heels as you lower down your body and keep your back straight. Stand straight and squeeze your glutes.

5. Goblet squats – Grab a kettlebell or the head of a dumbbell to make the goblet squat work.

Stand straight with your feet hip-distance apart and angled outwards. Hold either the kettlebell or the head of the dumbbell at your chest level. Lower down into a squat as you push your hips back over your heels.

Different Types of Squats

6. Barbell back squat – This type of squat isn’t for beginners. It is an exercise that you need to do in the gym.

Different Types of Squats

Place the barbell on your shoulders, laying emphasis on the trapezius muscle, more commonly known as the “traps”. Ensure that your chest is out and head up. The squat is a variation of the more common form of squat. It is just the advanced version and the only difference is you just add more weight here. Don’t be scared to put on heavier weights, it will not only make you strong but also give you a shapely butt.

7. Single Leg Squats – The single leg squats, are great balance moves which help you correct imbalances to any one side.

Different Types of Squats

This type of squat is done on one leg. Bring your leg in front of you as you squat down on your right leg. Initially, it may be a problem to balance it well. So, hold on to either a chair or something at the beginning. Ensure, you keep your weight on your heel to target your booty. When you have mastered the art of squatting with a single leg, you can add some extra weight for a deeper burn.

8. Squat jack If you are familiar with jumping jacks, you will master this move in a jiffy. This is harder ‘cause unlike in a jumping jack, here you have to do jack while on a squat.

Different Types of Squats

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, lower your upper body and bend your knees till they are almost at 90 degrees. Jump your legs outward, and then jump them right back into starting position. This completes one rep.

Do these badass moves 3 -4 times a week. Ensure you train but not overtrain. Overtraining can tire your muscles and not give you the results you want. As it is with all exercise regime, make sure you hydrate well, eat well and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day. These tips are in fact the cornerstones of a good fitness regime. So, what are you waiting for? Give a great start to the New Year with these awesome moves and build the booty of your dreams!

Which type of squats is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section!

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