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Excuses you can Make to Play at 11wickets App

Are you an engineering student or a medical one? Or simply doing your boring 9 to 5 office job? Do you have time to play at the all-new 11Wickets App, which is also one of the most popular online cricket games websites of India? Is your teacher or employer keeping a tab on you and watching over so as to not allow you to play interesting, knowledge-based and exciting daily fantasy cricket games?

Thinking about the excuses you will give them and get your way through to play online fantasy cricket games? It is true that playing at 11Wickets App or any fantasy sports games, gives you exciting cash prizes. But this is not the sole reason; the cricket fans play this game. Here we are to help you with your excuses:


Selecting and making your own online cricket team, who have a great chance to perform well in the real matches is a good excuse to tell your employer or professor. Who knows, your interest and excuse might ignite their interest for playing fantasy cricket and they might join at 11Wickets App and give you a healthy competition.


You may give the excuse that playing at 11Wickets App and making a dream cricket team, better than the original cricket team selection by the cricket control board is challenging. And the truth is, it is damn challenging. Many times we can see that we could have selected a better cricket team than the cricket control board, who would have performed better in the real matches. Hence, here is your second excuse.


The third one is a boomerang excuse you can give your parents, employers or teachers. Playing at 11WicketsApp and working out in the selection of a perfect team who can bring you score in your fantasy cricket by playing the real matches increase your problem-solving skill. You get a 100 credit at 11Wickets App and you have to select you playing XI in cricket games within those 100 credits. And this is your smart thinking and problem-solving skills, which can make this possible. If you can prove that to your employers and others, your excuse is successful. Increasing your problem-solving skills, lead to success at work and during higher studies.


Playing fantasy cricket games at 11Wickets App will simply strengthen your brainpower and sharps your memory. It also keeps your mind active, which will be helpful at your work or for your studies. Isn’t it a good excuse to play?

Enhanced memories

You need to research well about the players before you select your dream team for a match. This researching involves your memorizing capacity. Well, playing at 11Wickets App to form team increases your memory is a good excuse to give. Don’t you agree?

Happy online cricketing!

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